Renegade Row

Exercise Summary
Primary Muscle(s) Middle Back
Secondary Muscle(s) Biceps, Lats, Chest, Abdominals, Triceps
Equipment KettlebellDumbbell
Emphasis Compound
Type Pull

Renegade Row Instructions

  • Place a pair of DB's or KB's on the floor just outside shoulder-width.
  • Assume a pushup position with your hands gripping the DB's or KB's.
    • The weights should be inline with your chest.
  • Extend your legs and place your feet behind you. Maintain a neutral spine.
    • Your back should not be excessively arched nor should your hips and knees sag.
    • Your legs can be split apart to support the exercise.
  • Keep your bodyweight centered roughly over your hands with your shoulders and core braced.
  • Begin by rowing (pulling up) one kettlebell up to your side while essentially pushing the other into the floor. 
    • You can let your hips open slightly to accommodate the movement.
  • The DB should be by your obliques at the top position.
  • Lower the the weight to the start position and repeat on the opposite side.


  • Use LIGHTER WEIGHT for this exercise. You want to be in control of the DB's/KB's.
  • Don't drop the the weight aimlessly from the top.
  • Don't use excessive bodily movement/momentum to raise the weight.
  • Keep your core tight, prevent your hips from sagging during the exercise.
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