One Arm Dumbbell Row

Exercise Summary
Primary Muscle(s) Lats
Secondary Muscle(s) BicepsMiddle BackAbdominals
Equipment Dumbbell
Emphasis Compound
Type Pull

One Arm Dumbbell Row Instructions

  • Assume a strong lifting position: core and glutes activated, shoulders braced, chest up, knees slightly flexed, and eyes fixed ahead.
  • Stand in front of a flat bench with a DB at your feet.
  • Stagger your feet
    • If rowing with your right arm, drop your right foot back (repeat for other side).
    • DB should be in front of your back foot.
  • Hinge/bend at the hips while maintaining strong core, braced shoulders, and neutral spine.
    • Maintain a slight knee bend and neutral neck position throughout the exercise.
  • Place your non-working hand on the bench and grip the DB with the other.
    • Grip with a neutral hand position.
    • Don't actively pull with your arms.
  • Use your lats to pull the DB up and around your body. The DB should be around your hip area at the top of the movement. 
  • Don't pull the DB directly vertical or shrug your upper traps.
  • Hold at the top of the movement, feeling your lats contract.
  • Lower slowly on the same path
    • You can let the shoulder of the working arm roll forward slightly on the descent to create a stretch in the lats.


  • Your torso remains tight and in the same position from start to finish. Don't pull your torso up/back to move the weight. This takes tension of the lats.
    • Do not let your hips open up severely. This will alter the mechanics of the movement. 
  • Don't drop the weight at the top of the movement.
  • If your biceps are exhausted after the set, you are not performing the exercise correctly. This means your lats are not firing.
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