Dumbbell Bulgarian Squat

Exercise Summary
Primary Muscle(s) Quads
Secondary Muscle(s) Glutes, HamstringsAbdominalsAbductorsAdductors
Equipment Dumbbell
Emphasis Compound
Type Squat

Dumbbell Bulgarian Squat Instructions

  • Have a flat bench position behind you.
  • Be in a strong athletic position: knees flexed, core and glutes activated, chest up, and shoulders back. 
  • Have a DB in each hand.
  • Prop your right foot on top of the bench. 
    • Have the top of your foot against the padding, not your toes.
  • Position the opposite foot ahead with your head behind your knee
    • You should feel the hip flexor of the back leg being stretched.
  • Your core is still braced and engaged. AVOID letting your low back arch.
  • Lower your back knee to the floor while maintaining your postural integrity. 
    • Don't let your knee track forward excessively.
    • Your upper body can hinge forward slightly.
  • Don't slam your knee on the floor. Either lightly tap it or stop just before touching the ground.
  • The bottom position should feature the back knee positioned behind your hip.
  • At the bottom position, stand back up. 


  • Having a DB in each hand helps with counter-balance and maintaining position.
  • Practice this movement with just your bodyweight. It will take time to groove this exercise. 
  • Ideally, you want your front shin vertical. 
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