Glute Ham Raise

Exercise Summary
Primary Muscle(s) Hamstrings
Secondary Muscle(s) Glutes, Lower BackAbdominals
Equipment Machine
Emphasis Compound
Type Pull

Glute Ham Raise Instruction

  • Adjust the glute-ham machine to suit your height. Position your feet on the foot plate between rollers and lay forward.
    • Confirm that your knees are right behind the padding. 
  • Start from the top position with your core braced.
  • Initiate the exercise by slowly lowering your torso forward, you will feel a stretch in the hamstrings while you simultaneously brace your core.
  • When your torso is parallel to the floor, contract your hamstring and glutes to raise yourself back to the starting position.
  • Don't use excessive momentum to raise yourself up.
    • Avoid letting your low back arch excessively. 
  • Return to the bottom/beginning of the movement in a slow, controlled manner.


  • Adjusting the machine so it fits your body is paramount to the execution of the exercise. 
  • This exercise is extremely difficult. You may have to progress by doing slow eccentrics then restarting at the top.
  • At the bottom, don't shoot your hips back to return to the top. 
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