Seated Cable Rows

Seated Cable Rows

Exercise Summary
Primary Muscle(s) Middle Back
Secondary Muscle(s) Biceps, Lats,
Equipment Cable
Emphasis Compound
Type Pull

Seated Cable Rows Instructions

The attachment you select will be paramount to what stimulus you feel and the musculature activated in the back. Avoid extremely narrow attachments because they are bicep intensive.

  • Place your feet on the plate and grab the handles.
  • Before creating tension in the cable, assume a strong rowing position:
    • Eyes forward with a neutral neck.
    • Shoulders are pinned back with your chest up.
    • Core is brace. You should not be arching your back.
    • Arms are extended but there is a slight bend in the elbows.
  • Extend your legs and put your torso perpendicular to floor.
    • There is now tension in the cable.
    • Keep a slight knee flex throughout the exercise.
  • Pin your shoulders back and bring the attachment to your core.
  • Create a feeling of wrapping your elbows around your body.
    • Again, the attachment you are using will be of importance here.
  • Bring the weight back to the starting position, keeping your torso vertical. 
  • Once you reach the starting point, allow your upper back to round slightly. This will create a greater stretch-reflex for the next rep. 


  • With cable exercises, focus on creating and maintaining tension on the desired muscles throughout the full range-of-motion.
  • Your arms are levers for the back musculature. Don't actively pull the weight with your arms.
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