Medicine Ball Slam

Medicine Ball Slam

Exercise Summary
Primary Muscle(s) Abdominals
Secondary Muscle(s) LatsGlutesChestShoulders
Equipment Medicine Ball
Emphasis Compound
Type Push

Medicine Ball Slam Instructions

  • Hold the appropriate medicine ball at your waist with your arms extended and stand in a strong lifting position.
    • Eyes fixated straight ahead.
    • Shoulders pinned back (externally rotated).
    • Core is braced with your rib cage positioned over your pelvis.
    • Hips, knees, and ankles slightly bent.
  • Hinge at the hip to lower the ball slightly.
  • Extend your body vertically raising the ball overhead.
  • At the top position:
    • Your arms are extended overhead.
    • Core is still braced (low back is not overly arched).
    • Ankles, knees, and hips are extended.
  • In an athletic motion, slam the ball as hard as you can to the floor.


  • Use a medicine ball that is designed to be slammed/thrown. If the med ball is not designed for such use, it will deteriorate over time.
  • Don't focus on how getting the heaviest medicine ball, focus on moving the ball as fast as possible.
  • Don't perform the exercise "for time". Perform each rep in a controlled, explosive manner.
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