Barbell Ab Rollout

Exercise Summary
Primary Muscle(s) Abdominals
Secondary Muscle(s) Lower Back, ShouldersGlutes
Equipment Barbell
Emphasis Compound
Type Pull

Barbell Ab Rollout Instructions

  • Have a barbell on the floor with a 25lbs or 45lbs plate on each side. 
  • You are on your knees with the barbell in front of you with your legs together.
  • Your core is braced with a neutral spine.
    • Rib cage set over your pelvis.
    • Hips are fully extended with your glutes activated & engaged.
    • Shoulders pinned back.
  • Grip the barbell with your hands just outside shoulder-width.
    • Arms are fully extended with a slight bend in your elbow.
  • Slowly begin rolling the barbell forward.
  • As you roll forward, contract your glutes to keep a neutral spine. 
    • Your hips are never sagging. Low back is not arching or rounding.
    • Keep your rib cage positioned over your pelvis.
    • Don't let your shoulders round or traps elevate. Keep a braced shoulder position. 
      • Imagine bringing your armpits forward.
  • The bottom position shoulder feature your torso, shoulders, and arms in a relatively straight line.
  • Once you reach the end range-of-motion. Use your core bring yourself back to the starting position.
    • Don't shoot your hips back to reverse the movement.
  • Your arms are a lever for your core. They stay extended throughout the movement. 
  • Your arms don't actively push/pull the barbell.


  • This movement is down slow and controlled.
  • Imagine bringing your armpit forward on the descent. This creates shoulder stability. 
  • Neck stays in a neutral position throughout the exercise.
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