Bodyweight Training | Prisoner Workout

Bodyweight Training | Prisoner Workout

Workout Summary
Main Goal Build Muscle
Workout Type Full Body
Targeted Gender Any
Training Experience Any
Program Duration 8 Weeks
Days Per Week 3 Days
Time Per Workout 30-45 Minutes
Equipment Needed Barbell, Dumbbells, Bodyweight, Bodyweight
Recommended Supplements Protein Powder, Multi-Vitamin, Fish Oil, Creatine

"We won two World Wars with Pushups, Situps, and Jumping Jacks." Bob Wylie

Use your bodyweight and gravity to develop a strength foundation, improve neuromuscular coordination, and boost your work capacity. This program is perfect for any skill level because it can be scaled to increase/decrease difficulty.


Never half-heartedly perform an exercise. Complete all the reps as prescribed but be conscience of your exercise technique. The key with bodyweight movements is keeping form even as you fatigue.

Stay conscience of the rest periods. Resting too long or short will diminish the desired stimulus for the training session. Optimal technique paired with proper rest periods means you will be getting the most out of the program.

You will need access to a pullup bar for this program.

Day 1
Strength - Superset Exercises except Pull-ups
Exercise Sets Reps
Bodyweight Reverse Lunge 3 10(E)
Prisoner Squat 3 20
Sit-ups 3 15
Glute Bridge 3 12
Full Plank 3 :30-45 sec.
Push-ups 3 15-20
Pull-ups 3 5-12

Lunges - Lightly tap your knee on the ground. Don't slam the ground with your knees.

Glute Bridge - Keep a neutral spine, don't let your low back arch.


Perform 3 Rounds of the Metcon Interval below. Rest 3-5 minutes after each round. Time/Rest are in seconds. 

For example...

Perform the Burpee for 30 seconds then rest for 15 seconds. At the end of the 15 seconds, begin the squat jumps.

Day 2
Metcon Interval 
Exercise Time Rest
Burpee 30  15
Squat Jump 45 15
Single Leg Glute Bridge 30 (E) 15
V Up 45 15
Sit-ups 30 15
Bicycle Crunch 30 15
Plank to Push-up Plank 45 15
Glute Bridge 30 15
Alternating Reverse Lunge 30 15
Wall Sit 45 15
Calf Raise 60 15

T Push ups - Perform 15 total pushups.

Glute Bridge - Don't let your low back arch during the movement.

Burpee - Don't flop like a fish on the ground. Be conscience of your movement patterns. Hinge at the hips and maintain a neutral spine from start to finish.

Bird Dog - DO NOT RUSH THROUGH THESE. Maintain a neutral spine and focus on the execution of the exercise.

Bear Crawl - Keep a neutral spine and tight core. Don't let your hips rise up or drop down. This is a controlled movement. 

Day 3
Strength Endurance
Exercise Reps Rest
Prisoner Squat 20 -
T Push-ups 15 -
Reverse Lunge 10(E) -
Glute Bridge 15 -
Bird Dog 10(E) -
Sit-ups 20 -
Bear Crawl 15 yds -
Rest 2 minutes then REPEAT | 3 total rounds - -

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