Home Alone | Bodyweight Training

Home Alone | Bodyweight Training

Workout Summary
Main Goal General Fitness
Workout Type Full Body
Targeted Gender Any
Training Experience Any
Program Duration 8 Weeks
Days Per Week 3 Days
Time Per Workout 30-45 Minutes
Equipment Needed Bodyweight
Recommended Supplements Protein Powder, Multi-Vitamin, Fish Oil, Creatine

No gym? No problem!

Don't lose ground on your fitness and mobility with this 3x/week plan designed with no equipment needed. The only thing this program needs is for you to stick with it! DISCIPLINE.

Use muscles not momentum to complete movements. Especially for bodyweight exercises, executing movements with proper form is paramount to keeping injuries away and getting the most out of your training.

No excuses for being stuck at home! You got this! 💪

***NOTE: All Time is in SECONDS!***

Day 1
Strength Circuit (A)
Exercise Time Rest
Sit-ups 30  -
Runner Stretch (E) 30 -
Superman 45 -
Glute Bridge 60 -
Bodyweight Squat 60
Dynamic Plank 60 -
Jumping Jack 60 -
Bird Dog 60 -
Push Up 60 -
Sit Up 60 -
Rest - 2 Min.

***For the exercises in BOLD, complete as a circuit for a warmup. Perform the exercises back-to-back with no rest between. You will perform 3 total rounds of the warmup circuit with NO REST between rounds.***

****For the exercises in Italics, Perform as a circuit for 3 rounds total. There is a 2 minute rest between rounds.*** 


Day 2
Strength Circuit (B) - 3 Rounds
Exercise Time Rest
Jumping Jacks 45 -
Elbow Plank 30 30
Bodyweight Squat 45 -
Plank to Push-up 30 30
Squat Jump 45 -
Decline Push-up 30 -
Glute Bridge 30 30
Wall Sit 45 -
Bear Crawl 30 -
Sit Up 30 -
Rest - 2 Min.

Be strict with the rest times to maximize the circuit. Be aware of the time frames before you start the workout. 


Day 3
Recovery - 3 Rounds
Exercise Time Rest
Dynamic Hip Flexor (E) 45 -
Runner Stretch (E) 45 -
Superman 30 -
Glute Bridge 30 -
Dynamic Frog Stretch 45 -
Downward Dog 45 -
Lying Piriformis (E) 45 -
Side Lying Thoracic (E) 45 -
Bodyweight Squat 60 -

Give this recovery session your full attention. Don't aimlessly go through it. This will boost your mobility, improve your recovery, and keep nagging injuries away. Don't forgot to breath and RELAX during these stretches.

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