55 Bodybuilding Slang Terms You Should Know

55 Bodybuilding Slang Terms You Should Know

If you are like me and you have to look up every new slang term that is out, you can't ever appreciate a conversation - you have no idea what they mean.

But you play it off...

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The fitness industry breeds a new monster for slang terms. From slang terms such as the infamous "Bro" to "Chesticles," I'm going to put you in the know.

Next time you walk into the gym, you'll actually realize when that dude called you "swole" that meant you looked swole, not fat.

Don't worry, you can find this one down in the list.

So, if you want to impress some Guidos or talk to that Barbie, check out the list below.


50 Bodybuilding Slang Terms You Probably Didn't Know

Some of these you may have known. I'll even show you how to properly use the term in a sentence.

1.) Butter Face

No, they aren't talking about how much she is sweating.

Butter face is generally used to describe a female with a nice body... butter face is not that great. You'll commonly hear your neighborhood douche bag say something like "man, Janette is looking great, butter face is wrecked."

2.) Pencil-Necked Geek

The same guy from above will also probably call that guy who is really skinny.

The usage here will generally give someone props but then throw in the jab. "Tim thinks he's a good bencher, but he's really just a pencil-necked geek."

Or, if they are really stupid, they say "pencil-neck geek."

3.) Mula Bandha Bitchslap

While I'm not sure the origins of this term, it really makes no sense.

It's basically when you get verbally aggressive. So "The gym owner mula bandha bitchslapped that dude that left dumbbells in the middle of the floor."

4.) Punked

When someone gets punked, it's when they get shown up and embarrassed.

It's kind of like when you have that dude that grunts with 135 on the bar and someone is next to them doing 315 for reps.

They just got punked.

5.) Derailed

This term is actually used how you think it would be.

You know that point in your workout where you just put in everything you had and you get laid out on the floor in exhaustion?

You got derailed.

6.) Boss

If someone calls you boss, you are being held in high regard. Boss can also be used to describe how awesome something is.

"Those running shoes are boss, dude."

7.) Swole

If you've made it this far into the list, now is the time to learn what swole means.

You know that pump you get after some heavy reps? Your muscles are being engorged with blood and swollen from your workout.

A lot of people aren't really capable of speaking more than one syllable.

Go get swole.

8.) Bro

Out of everything on the list, this is probably the most recognizable. In the gym, there isn't a difference if you are a male or female, you are a bro.

Here's a few examples of a brotactular bronacular.

Teddy Broosevelt was a pretty cool dude, right? If you like football, you probably have heard of Bro Montana or Plaxibro Burress.

Seth Brogen is hilarious, and Scarlett Brohansson is awesome.

Edgar Allen Bro made some of the most bromantically talented writers.

Do you understand now, bro?

9.) Wine Baby

You ever come in Saturday morning after a long night of binge drinking?

That feeling you have in your stomach, the sweating literal booze - is having a wine baby.

I prefer to have a Fireball baby, but that's also how you use it in a sentence.

10.) Buddha Belly

If you've been having too many wine babies, eventually you are going to have a Buddha belly.

It's that belly fat that you've been calling baby fat your whole life.

11.) Garage Sale

You know how your gym looks like after a flock of broskis leave weights all over the gym? It's annoying, but bros do what they gotta do.

You say they are having a garage sale because of all of the equipment.

"Look at Kathy's garage sale over there, she's hogging all of the weights."

12.) Jabrone

If you've ever watched wrestling, you may know this term. It's pronounced ja-bro-nee. People generally talk smack about a Jabrone and they are pretty much the definition of an idiot.

"Look at this Jabrone, he is quarter-repping 3 wheels on the leg press machine."

13.) Guido

Loud, offensive, "I talk on the phone really loudly in the gym" type people are Guidos. They probably wear baggy clothes and swam in their cologne before coming in.

If you've ever seen Jersey Shore, that about sums it up.

"No cell phones on the gym floor, Guido."

14.) Rummy

I've not heard this gem used often, but it's a classic. A rummy basically is related to a Guido and a Jabrone. They are the ones we see a lot on YouTube videos doing stupid stuff.

"That rummy is swaying back and forth to get momentum on the lat pulldown machine."

15.) Tool

You've probably heard someone get called a tool before.

You know them - they hit on chicks, lifting "heavy" weights, and wants to be the center of attention.

"Look at that tool flexing in the mirror in front of Jasmine."

16.) Donkey

This is a nice way to call someone an ass. They complain about irrelevant things and they love to stir up drama just because.

"Bro if this donkey doesn't quit talking bad about the music, I'm going to knock his block off."

17.) Hulking Up

You know who The Hulk is.

This is getting psyched up to lift heavy weight. Grunting, groaning, and stomping may be part of their routine.

"Let's see if Gary can hulk up enough to break his PR.

18.) Sun's Out, Guns Out

Just like this term says, if the sun is out, the guns gotta be out.

This is generally describing a guy who has big arms wearing a sleeveless shirt. Bonus points if you find one in a racerback tank.

19.) WOD

If someone said their WOD kicked wore them out today, they weren't talking about that.

They were talking about the Workout of the Day.

It's used mostly in Crossfit, but the bodybuilders had to muck up this term too.

"Today's WOD really zapped my energy, bro."

20.) Bitchaz!

I know you know someone who likes to call their friends this. It's really not an insult.

This is more of a term of endearment that you use to address a friend or workout partner. Can also be used to celebrate with fancy words.

21.) Alligator Arm

I wish I knew about this term when I lived out in Oregon. There was a guy that would quarter-rep curls in the squat rack. He's actually the reason I started doing legs and squats on Mondays.

This is an expression to describe someone not using a full range of motion.

22.) Throw Down

This is another name for a workout.

"Come on, work it out. Let's throw down."

23.) Skeletor

Skeletor is used to describe someone who is really skinny.

There's a great debate if a "ripped skinny guy" really exists. If they are ripped and lean, you are going to want to call them shredded, shredded wheat, or diced up.

24.) Miracules - Pronounced: Mer-Rack-You-Lees

This is a term that describes those dudes that are just plain strong.

They use great form and use heavier weights than that dude who quarter benches.

"How much weight is on the bar, Miracules?"

25.) Load It Up!

This is what Miracules does, he loads up the bar with weight.

Whatever they can fit, it's going on.

26.) Chesticles

Another name for your chest.

You aren't a beefcake unless you have some decent chesticles.

27.) Besmirch

You know how you feel like someone's looking down on you? This is besmirching.

28.) Janet From Another Planet

Bodybuilding had to steal a page out of the hipster book. If you see a chick in the gym who is crazy, she's Janet from another planet.

Hey, not all of these terms are that cool.

29.) One-Up

If you get one-upped, someone just went bigger than you. While one-upping isn't recommended in the gym, sometimes you have to put someone in your place.

You are a tool if you do it just to make people feel bad.

30.) Barbie

You know that girl who comes dolled up in the matching workout outfit, makeup, and smelling like a perfume store? That's a Barbie.

They won't break a sweat and they will take at least 10 mirror selfies, and I bet they are trying to sell merch or trying to sell their magical wraps.

31.) Airplane Mode

If someone is in airplane mode, they are walking around confused and staring at equipment.

We've all been there - we are new and we don't really know what we are doing.

It's okay, just try to stay out of airplane mode.

32.) Grind

Have you ever seen someone push so hard but the weight is moving so slow? They get it and it's a good lift, but that max effort attempt that moves slow and heavy is a grind.

"Man that 605 deadlift wasn't as much of a grind as I thought it would be."

33.) Got Served

Just like the movie, "getting served" is when someone that talks about the talk but gets showed up when it comes to actually doing it.

"Tommy kept saying how much he could squat, but since Sally did more, Tommy got served."

34.) Toss Your Cookies

While this could be your thing in bed, tossing your cookies in the gym means to throw up from an intense workout.

I guess the other cookies get tossed in some gyms... but I digress.

"Did you see Nate toss his cookies after our leg session?"

35.) Railbreaker

This term is talking about how hard an exercise is.

If a workout is a railbreaker, you'll get derailed.

36.) Fancy-Pants

Similar to the general term, a fancy-pants is the one that comes into the gym with matching clothes, looks fancy, but can't lift a weight.

"I wish this fancy-pants would quit curling in the squat rack."

37.) Knee-Buckler

A knee-buckler is a heavy squat.

Most may not know what a squat is, check at the end of the list if you've never heard of a squat.

38.) Slim Shady

If you follow rap out there, there is a dude named Eminem that used to go by Slim Shady.

If you know him, do you remember in 8-mile when he looked like he had seen better days? That shady looking skinny dude that just doesn't look like he's up to any good.

That is the type of person they are talking about.

39.) Scooby Snack

One of the many meals a bodybuilder will eat throughout the day.

40.) Galloper

You know that person that gallops so hard you can hear them over your music? This is what they are talking about.

I guess people can't stand you getting in shape or something.

41.) Glamor Hound

Someone who has to have everyone's attention... even when it's for the most remedial thing.

They are generally going to be towards the center of the gym or glued to a mirror.

42.) Sandbagging

So there are conflicting terms here, this can mean two things:

You either have a duffle bag full of stuff; including, but not limited to, chalk, hair spray, deodorant, bands, chains, a few pairs of underwear, protein shakes, lifting accessories, and probably some hidden candy bar wrappers.

Or, sandbagging can be used to talk about someone's performance:

Generally speaking, someone who is a lot stronger may sandbag, or lift less than he really can. This is a term used everywhere.

A good example of sandbagging in this regard would be when someone hustles someone in pool when they act like they suck.

43.) Dig Deep

This is a cue your workout partner will usually yell at you while you're grinding a rep out.

It helps you get that extra 2% of performance that you didn't know you had.

44.) Namby-Pamby

Pretty much every bro in the gym that doesn't really throw around some weights are namby-pambys.

They think they are all that with their invisible lat syndrome, they have the racerback tank on, but they are weak and their lifts are very ineffective.

45.) Piston-Popping

When you are pushing through some heavy reps and you see the veins in your neck popping out, you're piston-popping.

46.) Gearing Up

When you're about to do a set, you get your necessary gear on - your belt, chalk, and gloves if you are weak.

"John is about to gear up for his PR attempt."

47.) Machine Hog

Have you ever seen someone who does a set and proceeds to sit there for 5 minutes on their phone until they do another set?

They are keeping others from using the machine. They are hogging it.

I imagine you already knew what this meant.

48.) Junk Show

You know that guy that wears obviously tight shorts or workout pants?

If you wondered if that is a tube sock in there, it probably is. They just want their junk out there for everyone to see.

"I caught a junk show today trying to do deadlifts."

49.) Plate-Breakers

You know how you have bent dumbbells and chipped weight plates? It's from these dirty birds.

The ones who purposely drop weights on the floor when they are done with them are plate-breakers.

They are generally the reason why the gym has equipment everywhere, too.

50.) Sausage Factory

When you go to a hardcore powerlifting gym, it's like one big sweaty sausage factory. It's all big burly dudes that are moving heavy weights.

There's no Barbies or even any hot chick in there.

51.) Shredded

If you are shredded, it means you have a decent amount of muscle with a fairly low amount of body fat.

If you've ever seen shredded wheat, it looks like their striations.

52.) Diced Up

Another popular term for someone who is jacked and has fairly low body fat.

"That dude is diced up!"

53.) Blow An O-Ring Out

Your body produces a lot of pressure when you squat, deadlift, or do any lifting.

Blowing an o-ring out means that you strained your butthole. It's kind of a funny saying, especially when you have a leaky o-ring trying to do heavy squats.

This is why sandbaggers have multiple pairs of underwear in their bags.

54.) Beefcake

You know those dudes that are just plain huge?

Eddie Hall is a pretty big strongman from England. He is 6'3 and 408 pounds, but he looks more jacked any of the bros in your gym.

These beefcakes have a ton of muscle, a bit of fat, and they are strong.

Oh yeah, Cartman from South Park was a Beefcake in one episode, too.

55.) Squat

A squat is one of the most misunderstood and overlooked exercise that anyone can do.

Generally skipped on leg day, a squat is a compound lift that trains your whole body. It primarily trains your quads, hamstrings, hips, glutes, and your core.

It strengthens your bones and ligament insertion points. They increase the size of your whole body, especially in your core and posterior chain.

Most people have "knee problems" or "back problems" so they don't do them.

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Derek Johannis - January 11, 2019

haha i lift in a sausage factory. Funny stuff. Also wine baby is a new one.

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Love This!

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