Standing Cable Lift

Exercise Summary
Primary Muscle(s) Abdominals
Secondary Muscle(s) Shoulders
Equipment Cable
Emphasis Compound
Type Pull

Standing Cable Lift Instructions

Note: There are multiple variations to perform this exercise pending your desired goal for executing the movement.. 
  • Attach a rope to the cable machine and set the apparatus to the lowest rung. 
  • Stand parallel to the machine and grab the rope with both hands. 
    • You are holding the rope at both ends.
  • Keep your trunk and body stable with your eyes fixated straight ahead, neutral spine, and shoulders back.
  • Pull the cable up and diagonally across your body. 
  • The arm farthest away from the machine stays extended throughout the exercise.
    • The extended arm stays slightly bent at the elbow. 
  • The opposite arm "punches" through at the top.
  • Negate letting your body rotate.
    • Your hips and shoulders stay square.
  • Return to the starting position.


  • To make the movement more difficult, narrow your stance slightly. 
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