Standing Cable Chest Press

Standing Cable Chest Press

Exercise Summary
Primary Muscle(s) Chest
Secondary Muscle(s) Shoulders, Triceps
Equipment Cable
Emphasis Compound
Type Push

Standing Cable Chest Press Instructions

  • Set the cable attachments to equal height just below your shoulders.
    • Use "pulley" or "free" handles as the attachment pieces.
  • Facing away from the machine, grab the handles and step forward.
    • Have one foot out front for counterbalance
  • Focus on pinching your shoulder blades (scapulas) together and keeping your core braced with your arms at 45-degrees.
    • Eyes are fixated straight ahead with your neck in a neutral position.
  • With your hands in a relatively neutral position, push them together straight forward in a controlled manner
    • Keep your trunk and shoulders braced.
  • Don't let your elbows flare excessively.
    • Your arms/hands will stay relatively close to your side throughout the exercise.
  • Pause for a second, then return to the starting position loading your chest and triceps.
  • Always maintain tension on the cable, never let the weight "drop"


  • Don't lean forward excessively to compensate for lack of strength.
    • Maintain that strong, start position till the last rep is completed.
  • This exercise is best programmed in for assistance work with higher volume.
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