Dumbbell Rear Delt Row

Exercise Summary
Primary Muscle(s) Shoulders
Secondary Muscle(s) Middle Back
Equipment Dumbbell
Emphasis Compound
Type Pull

Dumbbell Rear Delt Row Instructions

  • Feet positioned in an narrow stance.
    • Your knees slightly bent and toes pointed straight ahead.
  • The core is braced and engaged with your shoulders pinned back and a neutral spine.
  • Hold a DB in each hands.
  • Hinge at the hip keeping a flat back and neutral spine.
  • Arms hang perpendicular to the floor with a slight bend at your elbows.
  • Rotate your hands to a overhand position.
    • Your palms should be facing you (pronated).
  • Pull/row the dumbbells just below chest level by retracting your shoulders and initiating he movement with your mid to upper back.
  • Imagine rowing 'around' your body, not just pulling the DB's directly vertically.
    • Hands remain in the pronated position throughout.
  • Hold at the top of the movement for a brief second.
  • Return to the starting position. 


  • Your arms are merely lever for your mid back and posterior shoulder. Don't 'yank' the weight up. Initiate and control the movement with the proper musculature.
  • Using momentum negates the exercise because it takes tension off of the posterior shoulder and mid back.
  • Use lighter weight to ensure technique proficiency and proper muscle activation. 
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