Decline Weighted Twist

Exercise Summary
Primary Muscle(s) Abdominals
Secondary Muscle(s) Lower Back, Shoulders
Equipment Medicine Ball
Emphasis Isolation
Type Other

Decline Weighted Twist Instructions

  • Position your body in the 30-45 degree decline sit-up machine.
  • Hold a medicine ball level with your abs. 
  • Your torso is leaning back. Still maintain the strong position of your shoulders back, neutral spine, and your neck in a neutral position.
    • Your low back is not arched.
  • With your abs and obliques controlling the movement, rotate the medicine ball from side-to-side, touching the floor with each rep.
    • Don't just move your arms from side to side.
  • The movement is controlled by your abs and obliques, not the momentum of your shoulders/arms. 


  • Don't let your low back arch during the execution. 
  • Keep your torso in the same position from the start to finish. Avoid letting your torso creep back toward the bench as you fatigue. 
  • Create the mind-muscle connection that your legs are passive throughout the movement.
    • Your quads and hips should not be taxed after each set.
    • You want your abs and obliques controlling the movement.
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