Decline Push Ups

Decline Push Ups

Exercise Summary
Primary Muscle(s) Chest
Secondary Muscle(s) Shoulders, Triceps
Equipment Bodyweight
Emphasis Compound
Type Push

Decline Push Ups Instructions

  1. Have access to a flat bench or elevated stand.
  2. Position your feet on the edge of the platform with toes pointed down and walk your hands out until your body is in a braced, neutral position. 
  3. Tighten your core: glutes contracted, legs straight and keep your bodyweight centered roughly over your hands with your shoulders braced. Maintaining this stable shoulder position is key for properly loading your triceps and chest.
  4. Lower yourself down at a slow, controlled speed, loading your chest and triceps, until your chest is almost touching the floor.
  5. Press your body back up by keep your body tight.


  • The higher the platform, the more challenging the exercise becomes on the chest.
  • Your back should not be excessively arched nor should your hips and knees sag
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