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Scivation Psycho
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Scivation is proud to release its latest offering, a certifiable pre-workout Hurricane Godzilla formula we simply call Psycho. With a three-step process that primes your muscles and focuses your mind, Psycho makes every workout a special occasion.

Mindset Rage

Over the last few years, the pre-workout supplement market has become a stimulant race with manufacturers jamming more and more caffeine/guarana/yerba mate into a single dose. We love caffeine (who doesn't?) but too much of a good thing can be hard to tolerate. That’s why we decided to take the path less traveled.

Psycho takes a holistic approach to generating and sustaining intensity. Mentally, muscularly, and neurologically, it helps you make the change from mild-mannered professional to Viking Rage Monster. We won’t say that Psycho will make you anti-social, but we think you’ll be doing a lot more lifting and a lot less talking in the gym from now on.

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  • Stage 1: Vasodilating agents create superhighways to your cells, providing insane muscle pumps and visible increases in vascularity while it stamps the passports of the muscle-boosting agents that come next
  • Stage 2: With front-of-the-line VIP access granted from the supplement blend in Stage 1, the next evolution unleashes a flood of strength-enhancing agents. Creatine, taurine, beta-alanine, and more boost strength and stamina, helping you push more weight for more reps.
  • Stage 3: Intensity is the key to changing your physique, which brings us to the game-changing Possessed Cognitive Blend of ingredients. A small hit of caffeine along with some cutting edge botanicals impart a keen search-and-destroy focus for the duration of your workout.

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