Delta Labs Hair Skin and Nails 60 ct.
Delta Labs Hair Skin and Nails
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Delta Labs Hair Skin and Nails | Now on Sale at Tigerfitness

Radiant Skin, Lustrous Hair and Strong, Healthy Nails with our NEW Hair, Skin & Nails supplement!

Hair Skin & Nails is a nutrient-rich blend of herbs, vitamins, minerals, and biotin that leads to radiant skin, lustrous hair and strong, healthy nails.

Our powerful formula contains biotin and horsetail extract, two powerful ingredients that contribute to:

Increased Collagen production for Skin Elasticity
Horsetail extract for Smoother Hair with an increased Sheen
Silica for Improved Nail Strength
Improved circulation for quicker production and repair skin cells

The only proven ingredients for healthier hair, skin & nails.

Silica helps build strong nails by improving our body's ability to absorb calcium. Hair, Skin & Nails takes advantage of this little known beauty secret by including Horsetail extract in our formula, which has one of the highest silica contents of any herb.


Biotin (B7) is gaining popularity as new studies have revealed its ability to improve hair thickness, strengthen nails and improve skin tone. Researchers have studied its ability in restoring hair volume and thickness, as it was discovered that a deficiency in B7 is one of the leading causes of alopecia (hair loss). Our formula ensures the roots of your hair will flourish, as Biotin metabolizes scalp oils to create a healthy environment that promotes hair growth.


Rutin has gained notoriety due to its blood vessel strengthening properties and its ability to help the body utilize vitamin C for collagen production and repair. Collagen is the main component of the epidermis (the top-most layer of our skin) and sufficient collagen helps the skin stay smooth and supple. When you take our Hair Skin & Nails supplement, you will be able to maintain peak Rutin levels and can ensure you are producing the healthiest skin cells possible!

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