Mr. Olympia's New Year Mass Program

Mr. Olympia's New Year Mass Program

13 Week GET BIG Program

Workout Summary
Main Goal Build Muscle & Strength
Workout Type Split
Targeted Gender Any
Training Experience Advanced
Program Duration 12 Weeks
Days Per Week 5 Days
Time Per Workout 60-75 Minutes
Equipment Needed Barbell, Dumbbells, Gym Machines
Recommended Supplements Protein Powder, Multi-Vitamin, Fish Oil, Creatine

Four years ago, I went to Kuwait with the goal of becoming Mr. Olympia – I succeeded. The keys to this were eating enough and training EXTRA hard! The main issue I encountered was being able to eat enough food.

This diet program will be simple – we will start at the bare minimum calories to set your baseline then add in calories and I have a cheat code for getting in more calories without having to measure out more meals or choke down chicken and rice – my new O15 Nutrition Big-O Bar! It’s perfect for this application and is an easy way to add calories!

This will be a 13-week program since it takes 21 days to form a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle. Let’s create a LARGE lifestyle!


The Diet

I eat a lot of chicken, steak and rice, but I am a professional and it’s what I literally get paid to do. You will get just as good of results eating flexible. What does this mean?

I know you won’t stick to ONLY the same foods long-term, life would suck! We will base this diet on macros, so you track as you go. We will set goals for protein, carbs and fat. The goal is to GAIN 1 pound a week. Here is how we will setup the diet:

Take your bodyweight in pounds and multiple by 15. This is your starting point.

I will use myself as an example. At 250lbs, I will eat 3,750 calories. This is my STARTING POINT! You might even lose weight, good! After you lose the first pound, you will adjust up and I will explain that later.

Set protein to 1 gram per pound of bodyweight. I would eat 250 grams of protein. This is 1,000 calories (each gram of carbs equal 4 calories).

Set fat to .5 grams per pound of bodyweight – 125 grams. This is 1,125 calories (each gram of fat equals 9 calories).

Fill in the rest with carbs. We have 2,125 calories from fat and protein, so 3,750 – 2,125 = 1,625 calories from carbs. Carbs are 4 calories per gram, so 2,185 / 4 = 406 grams of carbs.

Our starting macros are 250 grams of protein, 125 grams of fat and 406 grams of carbs.

We can fill these with any foods, and you can track as you go by using any tracker, The TigerFitness app will work with MyFitnessPal but I have also used “Daily Burn”. While any food works, we will focus on healthier, whole foods. Some good choices are:

Meats to Select

  • Grilled Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breast
  • Grilled Lean Fillet Mignon or Lean Sirloin
  • Grilled Lean Roasted Turkey Breast
  • Grilled Halibut, Salmon, Cod, Whiting, etc.
  • Albacore tuna (canned in water)
  • Reduced Fat cottage cheese
  • Egg Whites

Carbohydrates to Select

  • Plain oatmeal (LOW SUGAR)
  • Whole wheat pancakes
  • Whole grain/wheat toast, bread and bagels and crackers
  • Whole grain cereals: Wheaties, Honey Bunches of Oats, Cheerios, Special K
  • Baked Yams/Sweet potatoes
  • Whole wheat/grain pastas
  • Baked potatoes
  • Black, pinto and kidney beans
  • Brown rice
  • Corn tortillas
  • LOW FAT granola

Fruits to Select

  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Black/Blueberries
  • Cantaloupe
  • Grapefruit
  • Oranges
  • Peaches
  • Pears
  • Pineapple
  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries
  • Tangerines

Fats to Select

  • Dry roasted nuts (almonds, peanuts, pecans, walnuts, cashews)
  • Peanut butter, Almond butter
  • Avocado
  • Sunflower seeds
  • All steamed vegetables with NO BUTTER added
  • Green leafy vegetables

Big O Bars are a perfect snack as well!

These are recommendations but, on this program, there are no bad foods! Hit those macros and see them gains!

When to Adjust

The goal is to gain 1lb a week. If you do not gain 1lb a week, the solution is simple – add one Big-O Bar anytime of the day. This is ~450 quality calories and will give you the caloric boost to gain!. You can do this every sticking point.

So when you don’t gain at least 1lb a week, just add another bar. I have someone doing this now and he is up to 3 bars a day and loving life – and he isn’t STUFFED! The Big-O Bar digests extremely well. Plus it has the perfect ratio of carbs, fats and protein and is very healthy containing superfood carbs, the highest quality protein and healthy fats including MCT Oil.

If you lose any weight on your first 3 days on this diet, add a Big-O Bar after 3 days.

How often to eat

I only care about you hitting macros, BUT it is optimal to eat every 3-4 hours based on my interpretation of the data. Thus, 5-6 meals a day is the sweet spot.


Let’s keep it simple.


With the viruses floating around, I want you to stay healthy more now than ever. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN TAKE!

Here is the Immunity Stack – take it! SHOP IMMUNITY STACK

(Note, if one of the items is out of stock, order what we have of the stack. THIS IS IMPORTANT!)


PreWorkout STACK - O15 Nutrition Exalt and Expansion: SHOP O15 NUTRITION


Day 1
Leg - Strength Emphasis
Exercise Sets Reps
Squats 2 6-12
- Final working set 1 10-15
Leg Press 2 10-15
- Final working sets 3 6-12
Hack Squat 2 6-12
Seated Leg Curl 3 6-12
Lying Leg Curl 3 6-12
Leg Extension 3 6-12
Standing Calf Raise 3 6-12
Day 2
Push - Strength Emphasis
Exercise Sets Reps
DB Incline Press 2 6-12
- Final working set 1 10-15
DB Fly 3 10-15
Shoulder Press 1 10-15
- Final working set 2 6-12
Lateral Raises 3 6-12
Tricep Pushdown 3 6-12
Skull Crusher 3 6-15 
Day 3
Pull - Strength Emphasis
Exercise Sets Reps
Barbell Row 2 6-12
- Final working set 1 10-15
Lat Pulldowns 3 10-15
One Arm Rows 3 6-12
Barbell Shrugs 2 10-15
- Final working sets 1 6-12
Preacher Curls 3 6-12
Hammer Curls 2 6-12
Day 4
Lower Body Hypertrophy
Exercise Sets Reps
Front Squat 3 12-20
Romanian Deadlift 3 12-15
Leg Extensions 4 12-20
Leg Curls 4 12-20
Lunges 4 8 (E)
Seated Calf Raise 3 15-25
Day 5
Upper Body Blast
Exercise Sets Reps
DB Incline 3 12-15
Dips 3 Failure
Machine Rows 3 12-15
Lat Pulldowns 3 12-15
Dumbbell Lateral Raise 3 15-25
Preacher Curl  3 15-25
Rear Delt Fly 3 15-25
Tricep Pulldown 3 15-20


  1. You can do this ANY 5 days of the week—take TWO rest days
  2. Do abs 2-3 times a week. You can choose whatever you'd like for this - I prefer something harder like Leg Raises or a weighted ab machine.
  3. You can sub ANY exercise with a movement for the same muscle
  4. Order can be moved around on a given day, but try not to
  5. When you can get more than the max number of reps (let’s say you get 12 when it is a 6-12 rep exercise), then increase the weight 10lbs

If you have any questions about this diet and want to speak to like-minded folks, become a part of the Tigerfitness Facebook group: CLICK HERE

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Ejay - March 19, 2021

Beginning of April I’m gonna jump in this. Have been working with a nutritionist cause my blood pressure got sky high and was struggling to get it down. This program sounds legit

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