Side Plank

Exercise Summary
Primary Muscle(s) Abdominals
Secondary Muscle(s) None
Equipment Bodyweight
Emphasis Isolation
Type Stationary

Side Plank Instructions

  • Position yourself on the floor. You are laying at your side.
  • Rest your forearm on the ground and elevate your hips
  • The ultimate goal is to create a straight line through your ankles, knees, hips, torso, and shoulders.
  • You are bringing your hips forward and squeezing your glutes. 
    • Your hips are not sagging at any point of the movement.
    • contracting your glutes helps create the 'straight line' in your body 
  • Your elbow and upper arm is slightly outside your shoulder. 
  • Eyes are fixated straight ahead.
  • Opposite hand is resting on top your hip


  • Make sure there is no body rotation.
  • Keep the time duration low at first, you have to build technique competency before progressing.
  • Experiment with different elbow placements on the ground. 
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