Incline Cable Fly

Exercise Summary
Primary Muscle(s) Chest
Secondary Muscle(s) Shoulders
Equipment Cable
Emphasis Isolation
Type Push

Incline Cable Fly Instructions

  1. Place an incline bench in the center of the cables and set the pulleys at the lowest level possible.
  2. Grab a handle in each hand and lay back on the incline bench with your hands together over your face for the initial position.
  3. With the elbows slightly bent, allow your arms to lower out to the sides in a wide curve as far as you can comfortably go to feel a good stretch in the chest.
  4. Pull your arms back into the beginning position with the same wide stance utilizing the chest musculature. Hold the top position for a second.


  • Arms should remain fixed for the duration of the movement, acting as a lever for your chest.
  • Refrain from pushing the weight up in a triangular motion.
  • Go lighter on this exercise, as it is intended for squeezing and stretching of the chest.
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