High Cable Chest Fly

High Cable Fly

Exercise Summary
Primary Muscle(s) Chest
Secondary Muscle(s) -
Equipment Cable
Emphasis Isolation
Type Pull

High Cable Fly Instructions

  • Set the attachment above your head. 
  • Stand in between the two stacks of weight, slightly away off the center line.
  • Grab a handle in each hand and place one-foot in front for counter balance.
  • With the elbows bent slightly, pull the cables up underneath your chest.
  • Guide the weight in a semicircular motion on the descent, with your arms acting as a lever for your chest.
  • Once you have reached the full range-of-motion, pause, and return to the starting position in a slow, controlled movement. 


  • Keep your chest up. Don't let your shoulders roll forward. 
  • Go lighter on this exercise, as it is intended to be executed slowly and through a full range-of-motion.
  • The arms should not actively contribute. You want the chest musculature controlling the weight.
  • You do NOT want the feeling of your upper traps elevating or shrugging.
  • Keep your shoulders blades down and back throughout the whole exercise.
  • Do not arch your back excessively, keep your core tight to combat this.
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