Handstand Push Ups

Exercise Summary
Primary Muscle(s) Shoulders
Secondary Muscle(s) Triceps
Equipment Bodyweight
Emphasis Compound
Type Push

Handstand Push Ups Instructions

  • Stand with your back to a wall.
  • Bend down and plant your hands on the floor shoulder-width apart. Kick your feet back against the wall and walk them up using your arms to supporting you. 
  • Keep your core braced, shoulders stable and feet against the wall, this will be your starting position.
    • Your low back should not be excessively arched.
  • Begin by lowering yourself slowly to the ground until your head is almost touching the floor. 
  • Keep your feet against the wall throughout the movement.
  • Push back up through your arms slowly..


  • PERFORM IN A CONTROLLED MANNER. You can seriously hurt yourself slamming your head against the floor.
  • Have a spotter if you are new to this exercise or not confident in the movement.
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