Cable Crunch

Exercise Summary
Primary Muscle(s) Abdominals
Secondary Muscle(s) None
Equipment Cable
Emphasis Isolation
Type Pull

Cable Crunch Instructions

  • While standing, set the cable attachment even with your head with a rope attached.
  • Kneel down with your feet and legs together. You are 2-3 feet away from the machine.
  • Your torso is inclined forward with your hands gripping the rope overhead. 
    • Arms are roughly together. 
    • Make sure your back is not in an extended position.
      • Anterior pelvic tilt
  • Before the concentric portion, breathe out and suck your abs in as you execute the movement. 
  • You want to be able to properly contract your rectus abdominus. This cannot be done if you are rigidly braced, such as for a squat or deadlift.
  • The same applies for the eccentric portion of the exercise.
  • Initiate and control the movement by contracting your abs through bringing your sternum and pelvis together.
  • Do not shoot your hips back and hinge the weight down.
  • Reverse the path on the descent, uncurling your torso from the bottom.
  • Don't let your low back arch as you come up from the bottom position.


  • Your arms are passive during this exercise. Focus on the contraction of your abs, not actively bringing your elbows to your knees.
  • Your hips are not active during the exercise.
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