Cable Crossover

Cable Crossover

Exercise Summary
Primary Muscle(s) Chest
Secondary Muscle(s) Shoulders
Equipment Cable
Emphasis Isolation
Type Push

Cable Crossover Instructions

  • Arrange the pulleys so the attachment is positioned higher than your head.
  • Grab and hold each of the pulley handles.
  • Take a step forward, and with your core engaged, lean forward to counterbalance.
    • You can step forward to aid in counterbalancing as well.
  • Your hands are in front and just below your chest.
  • The elbows should have a slight bend.
  • Open your arms out to both sides in a wide curve (semicircular motion).
    • You should feel your chest musculature activated. 
    • Don't extend your arms farther than your normal range-of-motion.
    • Hands are at or slightly above level with your chest at the top.
  • Using your chest musculature, bring your arms back to the starting position using the same range of motion (semicircle) as the eccentric.
    • Your hands will finish just below your chest.
  • After a quick pause, return to the initial starting position maintaining your strong posture and elbow bend.


  • The arms should remain slightly bent throughout the movement. The arms are a lever between the chest and the handles.
  • Refrain from "pushing" the weight forward.
  • The focus of this exercise should be on the stretching and contraction of the chest musculature and should be done at a slow pace.
  • Going too heavy on weight can ruin the stretch and defeat the purpose of the exercise.
  • Imagine you are hugging a tree as you perform the exercise.
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