The Death of Retail... As We Know It

The Death of Retail... As We Know It

Foreword: This is an opinion piece; one we would NEVER have published before (this magazine). Why? It won’t help SEO or search engine optimization. This will NOT be huge in Google and will not be searched for. But this is opinion. No keywords. No tags. Just real information for you to enjoy, learn from, and look forward to every month.

Now, the article.

Who is the CEO of Optimum Nutrition? How about the CEO of BSN? Or even better, the CEO of our top competitor online (there might be the word “Bodybuilding” in the name)?

Exactly, you have no idea. The sad thing is, neither do I and I am in the mix. Companies used to get by with low prices, slick deals and using disingenuous, paid athletes as their company representatives.

But not anymore.

The customer base has gotten wise. Customers want more. They want a company that, from the top to the bottom, care. From CEO to customer service to shipping, they care.

They want free content, a friendly staff, and accessibility. They want answers.

What the three aforementioned companies lack is what will eventually kill them.

They simply don’t care.

These large companies lost focus of what brought them to the big dance. From Ryan Deluca building such an innovative place to learn, to the Costellos selling high-quality whey in the era of cheap, small brands, these companies were built on service.

But once they sold, large companies started focusing on profits over people. The CEOs went from being humble and caring to just some stuffed suit in a boardroom. They lost what made them... them.

The same goes for brick and mortar retail.

GNC and Vitamin Shoppe have been on a downward spiral, restructuring and shutting down locations. All the while, smaller, more personal chains like Natural Body in New York and Next Level in Kentucky have been growing.

Why? The owners are there. The owners care. And the owners are not hiding behind an oak desk and a Bentley.

One thing I can promise you is that we care.

I dare you to DM me on Instagram. I dare you to email me. I’m here. I will answer a customer DM over a business email any day of the week.

Without customers, brands don’t exist. This is where the big companies go wrong. They don’t see it like that. The big companies just look at numbers. F*ck numbers, because you’re more than just a number here.

What we are doing to grow here isn’t a secret, and it isn’t rocket science. But it is something nobody can replicate. Nobody can care as much as MTS Nutrition cares. Nobody cares as much as cares.

There isn’t anyone in this world that spends more time interacting with customers than I do and I assure you that our shipping and customer service department from considers all of you extended family.

This publication is here because our Editorial Director Steve Shaw asked for it. This is a man who has dedicated his life to helping people, and he is also the man who is responsible for all of the FREE content at

He called Chad (CEO of and my business partner) and I into an office and explained why we need this, why the industry needs this, and why YOU need this. He said it wouldn’t make us any money, wouldn’t improve our search engine results and would be a huge time burden to produce.

Without hesitation, Chad and I agreed to move forward enthusiastically.

If you want results, you have come to the right place. We are here for you every step of the way.

In health,

Marc Lobliner

CEO MTS Nutrition, CMO

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