Drop 6 Stack | Drop Factor and M(6)

Drop 6 Stack | Drop Factor & M(6)
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Drop Factor*:

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Want to increase your fat loss results? Check out this pocket guide to improving your fat loss results from Sean Torbati, HPN Nutrition.

Drop 6 Stack | Fast Targeted Weight Loss

Dosing MTS Nutrition Drop Factor WITH Yohimbine HCl

1. Start with ONE Capsule Drop Factor upon waking

2. Once you can tolerate one capsule, increase to one capsule upon waking and one capsule 6-8 hours later NOT to be within 5 hours of bedtime.

3. Once you can tolerate the above dose, add one capsule to the morning dose for two capsules in the AM and one capsule 6-8 hours later

4. Once you can tolerate the above dose, add one capsule to the afternoon dose for two caps in the AM and two capsules 6-8 hours later

Then we add in YOHIMBINE HCl

1. For a person taking 15mg, BE SURE TO ACCOUNT FOR THE DOSE IN DROP FACTOR, and for the max-four-capsule dosing is 5mg! At 2.5mg per capsule, you will need 10mg of EXTRA Yohimbine HCl, or 4 capsules per day.

2. If Cardio is done SEPARATE from weights: ALL CAPS TAKEN WITH ONE SERVING DROP FACTOR 30 MINUTES PRE CARDIO! Add one Yohimbine HCl at a time as tolerance is assessed.

3. If Cardio is NOT being done, simply split the dose and take with the Drop Factor doses, starting at one cap and working up as you assess tolerance.

4. If doing cardio post workout, take the Yohimbine HCl DURING your weight training workout 15-20 minutes before you are done with weights. Then, hop on the cardio post weights.


Based on the studies we have examined, I recommend working up to 0.2mg/Kg of bodyweight. So that means a 220lb bodybuilder (divide by 2.2 to get Kg) is 100Kg and would work up to a dose of 20mg of Yohimbine HCl, or eight capsules of MTS Yohimbine HCl. I would typically start this person at one capsule and work up towards the full dose each consecutive session the person had no undesirable side effects.

Yohimbine HCl's effects work the best in the absence of insulin, and its effects start to diminish the more insulin is present. But this doesn't mean that you cannot eat carbs! Insulin will usually be under control on a lower carb diet, like most trainers will put you on. Obviously, cardio first thing in the morning is a good time (with a scoop of MTS Nutrition Machine Whey in your belly) and even post workout. What you can do post workout is take the Yohimbine HCl DURING your weight training workout 15-20 minutes before you are done with weights. Then, hop on the cardio post weights and BAM—FAT BLAST!

The Fat Burner You Have Been Waiting For. No Fluff. No BS. Just proven results.

What in the world are you taking? Looking at the fat burners you have in your pantry, I am sure we can all say the same thing about the fat burners. Underdosed, proprietary blends that lead us to wonder what exactly we are taking. And the Latin names, wow! I actually looked up an ingredient from a well known fat burner and it literally translates to "Orange Tree". No, not a special orange tree in Taiwan or a special extract from an orange tree, but actual ORANGE TREE! Like the ones you find in Florida that make that awesome juice. Well, orange juice is great and all, but will it cause fat loss?

As someone who wants results from a fat burner and the ability to control dosing to yield tremendous, tangible results above and beyond any fat burner in existence. A fat burner with ingredients you can look at, understand, and also KNOW that the dosing is scientifically validated. After years of researching and testing the most effective compounds in existence, MTS Nutrition CEO Marc Lobliner butted heads with some of the greatest science minds in the industry to create what they feel is the best fat burner for results, period. Drop Factor™ is here. FAST Fat loss; long-lasting, 12+ hour energy and TARGETED fat loss are the things that Drop Factor does better than any other fat burner ever seen, period. Are you ready for RESULTS?

The ingredients are max dosed with one caveat, Yohimbine HCl. Yohimbine HCl in its full dosing in Drop Factor, 2.5mg per serving, is usually very well tolerated. Some can take more, some less. Studies show that the effective dose is .2mg per kilogram of bodyweight per day—that is a LOT of Yohimbine HCl and too much for some people. Also, while the max dose of the other ingredients covers a wide range of weights and the two genders, Yohimbine HCl, being weight dependent, requires a varying degree of dosing and also, you need to ease into the higher dose moreso than other fat burning agents to assess tolerance. This is why MTS Nutrition has a Yohimbine HCl so once you reach the maximum two capsules of Drop Factor two times per day, you can still adjust dosing by simply adding in Yohimbine HCl. It is the most though out fat loss system ever created!

HPN M(6), Metabolism Optimization

HPN has done it again…

We have brought you a category killing-niche creating-game changing new product.

M(6) is the coolest "Fat Burner" you've never taken.

A quick glance at popular fat-loss products on the market would serve as a showcase for the designer stimulants that have become popular in the Supplement industry. These synthetic stimulants destroy your nervous system and could have deleterious long term side effects. HPN is the first sports nutrition company to bring you ProC3G, a truly remarkable ingredient with the ability to SHUT DOWN fat storage in our bodies, while simultaneously encouraging and expediting fat loss. To top it off, ProC3G is an AMAZING anti-oxidant that improves overall health in many different aspects. But would you expect anything less from HPN?

That means along side proper diet and exercise (Yes you still have to workout and eat right… Put the cookie down)

1) M(6) will help you get leaner than ever before – Its ingredient profile will give you all the tools to lose fat faster, feel better, and have higher all-day energy levels

2) Once you reach your goal, M(6) can be a KEY part of your strategy to maintain your results forever by helping you rebuild your metabolic rate without gaining back the bodyfat you worked so hard to lose.

If getting lean or staying lean is a priority – Add M(6) into your supplement stack today!

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