Spiderman Crawl Exercise | Benefits, and How to Perform

Spiderman Crawl Exercise | Benefits, and How to Perform

Benefits of the Spiderman Crawl

Core Strength: By holding a plank, you are activating your core. By moving in a plank position, you are intensifying your core activation.

Hip Mobility: The Spiderman Crawl stretches your entire leg, from hamstrings, to quads, to calves and all the way to the hips.

Cardiovascular Benefits: The Spiderman Crawl is a 100% weight bearing exercise. By performing the prescribed 3-5 rounds of 8-10 Spiderman Crawls, you are getting in some decent cardiovascular work and caloric burn.

Warm-Up for Intense Training: The Spiderman Crawl will get your heart rate up and blood flowing for any workout, from leg workouts, to back and chest workouts, to an athletic EXOS field-training session.

How to Perform Spiderman Crawl

  1. Get into a push-up start/plank position.
  2. Bring your right knee up to your right elbow by bending your knee. Extend your left arm forward and keep your left leg straight.
  3. Crawl forward bringing your left knee to your right elbow and moving your right arm forward and extending your right knee.
  4. Repeat.

When to Perform Spiderman Crawls

You can do Spiderman Crawls in the morning as a part of a stretching routine or pre-workout as movement prep for your session or any other time you desire.

Perform 3-5 rounds of 8-10 crawls counting each time your knee touches your elbow as one round.
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