Berberine - What it Can Teach You About Buying Supplements

Berberine - What it Can Teach You About Buying Supplements

Nutrient Driver is MTS Nutrition's new glucose disposal agent, or GDA. It is designed to Make Carbs Great Again.

Nutrient Driver? helps DRIVE nutrients into muscle tissue, prevent fat storage, and helping to work against the development of deleterious health issues caused by blood sugar fluctuations. Basically, it's a complete bada** product.

I am excited to get Nutrient Driver? on the market, and I can't wait to use it myself.

But this week I received an unexpected call from my manufacturing partner. They also sent an email with lab tests. The shipment of Nutrient Driver? was delayed.

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It turns out the berberine we received from a reputable domestic source failed its purity analysis. Even though their certificate of analysis, or in-house testing, found that it was 99%+ purity, our in-house tests came back at 88%.

This is not acceptable.

Berberine Causes a Product Delay

So rather than not hitting label claims, we delayed the run 2-3 weeks. I would like to think most companies do this, but with nearly 15 years in the business of formulating and manufacturing, I know this is hardly ever the case.

This is also why MTS Nutrition uses NSF/FDA compliant partners, ones that I have vetted for over 10 years. I can do the lazy thing and just copy from NSF?s website, but here is why I use NSF and overly-anal testing processes for my brand:
  1. Materials tested coming in before blending for purity: Avoids scrapping an entire run for one bad material assuming the company tests at all, many don't.
  2. Finished goods tested for purity and quantitative testing: Ensures blend was perfect and a second internal check for purity. We also test for heavy metals and other items.
  3. Assurance that cleanliness standards are adhered to.

Watch the MTS Nutrition Manufacturing Process
Who should you avoid buying supplements from? Or at least be wary?
  1. Companies that manufacture supplements with SARMS, DMHA or other questionable ingredients: By their very nature, NSF will not certify a lab that uses these, thus you have no idea what kind of facility they manufacture in. It could be good; it could be horrible!
  2. Small companies: NSF costs money and the minimum production runs will cripple a startup. Sure, there are some great startups, but I am just saying you should be cognizant and be sure to vet the company, don't just support a ?good bro? on the Gram.
  3. Large companies: This means you cannot trust anyone, right? Well, sort of. I would have never put this here, but the bulk of the companies sued for amino spiking were large brands! It shocked me too!
Here are some videos that cover amino spiking.

Make Carbs Great Again | MTS Nutrition Nutrient Driver is Here!

Who Can You Trust?

I cannot speak for others, but if you saw the video of our facility, viewed some 3rd party tests on, and also know the CEO himself is always available and accountable, MTS Nutrition earns your business and you can trust what you consume if it has an MTS Nutrition label on it.

For tests click here.

Who would have thought berberine would teach you so much! If you have any questions about MTS Nutrition you can reach me at or @marclobliner on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and most other media outlets. And yes, I answer all of my own messages! I am here for YOU!
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