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Tiger Tested is BACK!

In 2011 launched the “Tiger Tested” supplement verification program. At that time, some unscrupulous companies were not meeting protein label claims by adding carbohydrate to their powders instead of protein to save on cost. This made us furious! Thus, we started a program where we would test for nitrogen, or protein content, and if the product passed, we would issue a “Tiger Tested” seal of approval.

Shortly thereafter, the cheaters fooled us all. By spiking their protein with free-form amino acids like Taurine (much cheaper than Whey or other in-tact proteins) they were able to test out as a protein on a nitrogen test when in reality, it wasn’t protein! We were shocked and angry, so we ended the program until we could figure out a foolproof way to protect you, the consumer, from being ripped off and also identify the good guys.

There is one way, and it is expensive, known as the full amino acid panel test. Here is an example of the test for MTS Nutrition Whey Protein: PDF DOWNLOAD

While MTS Nutrition regularly publishes these, they are expensive, running about $2,000 per test while the old Nitrogen test was under $100! But we have partnered with Chromadex and companies willing to sign their rights away can have their protein tested by us and we'll publish the results for YOU. If they pass, they get the seal of approval. If they fail, they don’t!

The seal lasts for one year from the date of the test. You can find the test results as a PDF Download below the price box on all Tiger Tested products. We will keep testing these as fast as we can get approvals to do so and video will be published on the TigerFitness youtube channel. See below for the proteins we have tested so far for gains you can trust!
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