100 Rep Overhead Press Challenge - Featuring Mike Rashid & Marc Lobliner

100 Rep Overhead Press Challenge - Featuring Mike Rashid & Marc Lobliner

When it comes to training, you want to make the best use of your time. Choosing effective workouts and being effective with your time means you can stick to the basics and make some gains.

The 100 rep challenge has gotten popular, so it's time to bring some love to those shoulders.

What's so Special About the 100 Rep Challenge?

Can you say stupid pump?

No, seriously, pushing yourself through this brutal workout is a mental, physical, and emotional struggle. You're going to want to quit because of the pump, and you must condition your mind to keep pushing.

This type of training is much different than pacing yourself. Ideally, you want to keep the rest as short as you can — resting for five to ten seconds or enough time for your partner to go through their set.

You're going to get a sick pump which you'll need to build those massive pumpkin delts.

When it comes to effective exercises to choose, squats, overhead press, pull-ups, and deadlifts are all great. Add running into the mix and you're priming your body to be in excellent shape, look great, and perform in any sport.

If you're short on time, the 100 rep challenge could be your key to a good workout in the shortest time possible.

It's All About High Volume

Choose a challenging weight and then perform as many reps per set until you reach at least 100. Keeping your rest time short increases the intensity and helps get you in and out of the gym quickly.


Cardio sucks, so this is a great way to keep your heart rate elevated and improve your conditioning without slogging along on a treadmill.

Core Training

Pressing heavy weight over your head for 100 reps works your core and abs all while pounding your shoulders.

Mental Fortitude

Performing 100 overhead presses is not a game — you're going to have to push through some mental barriers.

When it comes to lifting, many people don't see how lifting can affect other areas of your life. When you can push through and keep going when your muscles feel like they are on fire, imagine how that can translate into making your days at the office or classroom easier.

Stupid Pump

I think it needs to be said again — this workout is going to give you a stupid pump.

If you make it through the 100 rep challenge, be sure to use the hashtag #stupidpump and let us know.

Wrapping It Up

If you think you can handle the 100 rep challenge, try it. You're going to run into a lot of mental and physical barriers are you work through this challenge — but it's worth it.

Instead of giving up, think how to dig deep and push through. Make sure you pick a challenging weight and keep your rest periods short.

Perform the 100 rep challenge with squats, overhead presses, pull-ups, and deadlifts if you want to build an impressive physique.

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