Pumpkin Shoulders Workout for Freaky, Scary Deltoid Mass

Pumpkin Shoulders Workout for Freaky, Scary Deltoid Mass

Note: Introduction by Brently Rousset and workout by Ryan Rodal.

Just when you thought it was over, the grind has just begun.

The holidays are coming and for many of us it may be a time to rest, get lazy, and throw our diet plans out the window. But, this is the time of the year you could decide to push through and make your best gains of the year while everyone else is taking a break.

In this fourth installment of our 600-rep series of workouts we bring you a shoulder workout that will annihilate your delts from front to back. it's not going to be easy. it's going to hurt and make you want to quit. But, you?re not going to quit because it's at those moments of failure that we learn to grow.

You?re going to look failure directly in the eye, tackle it head on, and scream,

I'm here to stay. let's turn these shoulders into boulders.

You didn't think the Tiger Fitness Squad would dare bring you another blistering, painful, intense, high rep workout that would push you beyond plateaus and into another dimension of lifting, but we did.

Shoulder Nation - Forging Pumpkin Delts

In order to build a complete and full looking upper body you need to focus on developing strength and endurance in your shoulders.

Your upper body is not complete without a strong, broad set of shoulders. You can have the developed biceps, triceps, chest, and traps, but you?re upper body isn't finished without a pair of shoulders that are developed evenly from the front, side, and back.

If you want a pair of 3-D looking shoulders you need to focus on working them evenly and shaping them into the pumpkins you deserve. If you want shoulders that are big, round, aesthetic, and striated from all angles, you need to hit them hard with both compound movements and isolation movements. And, you need to make sure you?re not favoring or overtraining one part of your shoulders muscle group over another.

The beauty of developing massive shoulders is not only will your shoulders be protruding out of that tank top you are rocking in the gym during your workout, they?ll also allow you to show off your gains in a sweater, long sleeve, or suit. Having a broad set of shoulders will only help contrast your waist and give you that Adonis, V-taper look you desire.

And, broad shoulder isn't something just limited to guys. Ladies, we encourage you crush this workout too. I know some of you girls may complain about your broad shoulders, and if so, you need to stop. Embrace your shoulders, shape them, and develop them because it's sexy. Trust us, the dudes dig it.

Now, there's no ?easy? muscle group to build. Every muscle group takes focus and progressive overload to develop and shape over time. But, the shoulder area on your body is one of the last places to store fat, meaning you can acquire that shredded, toned look in your shoulders faster than most muscle groups.

By keeping both the intensity and rep ranges high on this workout you will be pushing each muscle group within your shoulders to failure and beyond because failure is not an option in this workout.

High Rep Shoulders Workout for Freaky Gains

High Rep Pumpkin Shoulders
Shoulder Workout
Exercise Sets Reps
Overhead Press - Strength sets  3  5
Overhead Press - Hypertrophy sets  4  10
Seated Smith Machine Press  4  10
Rear Delt Bench Flyes  4  12
Rear Delt Cable Flyes  4  12
Side Lateral Raises - Single arm  4  10
Side Lateral Raises - Double arm (See below)
Seated Machine Shoulder Press superset with Front Plate Raises  4  10

Double arm side lateral raises. Pyramid up and down to failure using 25, 30, 35, 40, 35, 30, 25 pound dumbbells.

The Burn is Real

Another workout and another 600+ reps complete. Give yourself a pat on the back. Wait, actually if you are able to lift your arm up and touch your back then you didn't hit this workout hard enough. Try again.

This is the shoulder workout your mother warned you about when you decided you wanted to start lifting weights. it's time to prove her wrong, crush this workout, and bring home two of your own pumpkins for Thanksgiving dinner.

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