Saving Seth - Ditching the Dad Bod With Marc Lobliner

Saving Seth - Ditching the Dad Bod With Marc Lobliner

The Back Story

What Are Your Goals?

My goals are pretty basic. To become healthier and get to a low (10-12%) body fat. This on its own is a massive goal given my current shape and level.

That’s my biggest overall goal.

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For training, I would like to get stronger, improve my flexibility and functional abilities, and have better overall health. It would be nice to have better heart health and a lower weight.

There are some specific strength goals I have. I would like to get my bench up to 225 or more, my squat back up to 335, and deadlift up to 315. 

Any Past Struggles and/or Mistakes? 

Struggles in retrospect were mainly excuses. That’s something I had to recently come to terms with. 

Yes, situations can cause set backs but I seem to let them take over completely. In college, my grip slipped on a pull-up bar and I fell. On my way down I hit the bent and messed my back up pretty bad. This led to a pretty sedentary lifestyle change.

I finally starting to get back into lifting and playing basketball for cardio a few years after that.

I had an odd accident on the court where I fractured my ankle which set me back even further. The biggest struggle was a battle with depression and stress. I had always had a struggle with depression and eating my feelings.

This lead to a bad relationship with food. I would alternate between starving myself and binging horribly.

This only got worse when I became a small business owner. I became so stressed in the day to day operations that it really took a toll on me mentally. I gained a massive amount of weight and an even worse mental space.

In January I left the business to pursue a sales job for a brewery. It was a great thing for me mentally. I was able to get into a positive mindset. The problem was my body had taken such a drastic turn that motivation for the gym became so difficult and my food habits were awful.

I have slowly been starting to go back to the gym again after basically three years away. I’ve started eating healthier which has helped with my mental health and sleep.

I know I have a long way to go but I know with guidance and building good habits I can get there. I just want to be the healthiest and best version of myself that I can.

Any Unique Issues You Deal With?

My issues are typical to what most people go through on a daily basis. I travel a lot for work which means a lot of time in a car and long days.

I recently became a father by way of a relationship. My girlfriend had a kid prior to our relationship. I wasn’t aware of how much time and effort went into being a dad, maintaining a relationship, having a work life and staying healthy.

I have to become much more efficient with my time and energy to make it all work while being the best father, boyfriend, and employee I can be.

What Are You Hoping to Learn?

I’m hoping to learn how to better balance my life from Marc. He’s a successful businessman, a great husband, amazing father, and has a level of conditioning/fitness that most people dream of.

I want to learn how to efficiently workout, how to plan and approach a diet/lifestyle and how to take the steps to get to where I want to be. I want to learn more of his mindset, work ethic in and out of the gym and how to balance it all while being a dedicated dad.

So, I hope to overall learn how to get to a headspace to reach a new peak every day from someone I greatly look up to.

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