One Arm Seated Overhead Tricep Extension

Exercise Summary
Primary Muscle(s) Triceps
Secondary Muscle(s) None
Equipment Cable
Emphasis Isolation
Type Push

One Arm Seated Overhead Tricep Extension Instructions

  • Fix a rope to a cable attachment and set it toward the bottom of the machine.
  • Position a bench close to the machine and facing away from it.
    • Bench is fixed at 90-degree.
  • Grab the rope and sit down on the bench. 
  • Your working elbow is above your head and pointed laterally away from your body. 
  • Make sure your body is seated in a strong lifting position.
    • Chest up and shoulders back.
    • Core is braced with no arch in the low back. 
    • Eyes are fixated straight ahead.
  • Initiate the mind-muscle connection of creating and maintaining tension in the tricep throughout the exercise.
  • Extend at the elbow and push the rope up.
  • Let your elbow track laterally slightly at the start to create a greater stretch in the tricep. Then, extend your forearms overhead.
    • Maintain tension on the tricep from start to finish.
  • On the descent, once your forearms reaches roughly head level, let your elbow track towards the starting position.


  • Aim for volume with this exercise, using heavier weight with this movement will cause unwarranted stress on the elbow.
  • Don't let your low back arch to compensate. 
  • If your elbow drops down at the beginning of the exercise, you are using too heavy of weight.
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