Cable One Arm Tricep Extensions

Exercise Summary
Primary Muscle(s) Triceps
Secondary Muscle(s) None
Equipment Cable
Emphasis Isolation
Type Push

Cable One Arm Tricep Extensions Instruction

  • Set the cable attachment above your head.
  • Attach a rope or any form of attachment that allows your arm & wrist to move freely. 
  • Grip the rope with one hand and be slightly hinged at the hips.
    • Maintain proper posture with your chest up and and shoulders back. 
    • Your elbow is roughly parallel to your head.
  • Initiate the mind-muscle connection of creating and maintaining tension in the tricep throughout the exercise.
  • Push the rope down allowing your amr and wrist to naturally rotate.
  • Sqeeze the tricep at the bottom before return to the starting position. 
    • Maintain tension on the tricep from start to finish
    • Allow your hand, wrist, and arm to rotate naturally on the eccentric as well.


  • Do not let your elbow flare excessively. 
  • On the eccentric, don't let your elbows come up to high. This will activate your lats and take away from the tricep.
  • Aim for volume with this exercise, using heavier weight with this movement will cause unwarranted stress on the elbow.
    • This is an assistance exercise for a reason.
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