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What is Ephedra?

This is over 5000 years old Chinese herb and was under extensive use for the treatment of Weight Loss or Fat Burning due to its excellent quality of enhancing the metabolism; reduce appetite and burning fat without damaging muscles. However the US FDA later banned these herbs after being found its side effects that led to death in some cases. While burning the fat it used to enhance the blood pressure and the heart beat rate resulting in massive cardiac arrest. The herb Ma Huang’s basic active ingredient is called Ephedra, which represents Adrenergic Bronchodilators, the therapeutic category.
Ephedra refers to several related species of herbs that commonly grow in desert areas. It is best known as a botanical source of the alkaloids ephedrine, pseudoephedrine and others. Ephedra species also contain many other constituents. Ephedra (Ephedra sinica) has been used in recent years in products marketed for weight loss, body building and increased energy. The main chemical compound in Ephedra is ephedrine. Chinese Ephedra or Ma Huang is a powerful herb that is the active ingredient in high effective weight loss diet pills and supplements. Many use the name "thermo", "lean" or "fat burner".

Ephedra is effective component of many herbal formulas, over-the-counter (OTC) medications, and weight loss product on the market. Although it has been banned by the FDA in the past, Ephedrine, and herbal versions such as Ma Huang are still widely used in weight loss supplements.

What Is Ephedrine?
Ephedrine Hydrochloride or Ephedrine Sulfate is the chemical derivative of the herbs like Ma Huang or Ephedra Sinica and Ephedra which had medicinal use about centuries back. It is a stimulant for central nervous system as well as the cardiovascular systems and helps open lung bronchitis.

Is Ephedra Legal?
A Utah state court judge declared the FDA ban on Ephedra, Ma-huang, as a drug wrong on of August 18, 2006. This means the FDA is entitled to pose restrictions and/or limitations on sales of pills with Ephedra. However, the FDA won't be allowed to write their own restrictions as they have done in the past. Any restrictions would be presented via a proposal. That proposal would then have to be voted on and passed through both the House of Representatives as well as the Senate.

Currently, this is only a recommendation since the FDA doesn't have legal control over the herb. For the moment, you can legally buy pills with ephedra in the United States, however, that could change at any time.

Ephedra has been around and used for literally thousands of years... It's as safe as, say, caffeine or alcohol - which is to say, anything can be unsafe if used irresponsibly. Ephedra has terrific benefits when used properly, and it's too bad that the poor judgement/actions of a few caused the substance to be banned for everyone else.

Asprin, synthetic pain medication, cold medicines, alchohol , and many prescription drugs are far more dangerous. In fact if we use the same guidlines as ephedra, the FDA needs to ban bananas, peanut butter, chocolate, coffee, and nearly every concentrated extract and supplement produced.

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What is ECA Stack?
"ECA stack" is abbreviation for Ephedrine, Caffeine and Aspirin. The third ingredient, aspirin, inhibits prostaglandin production outside of the cells, which, in conjunction with caffeine, greatly prolongs the thermogenic effects and increased metabolism by substaining elevated cAMP levels. The bottom line here is ECA stack is the most effective weight loss blend!

How Ephedra Works?
Ephedra shrinks mucous membranes that help drying the watery discharge and relax the blocked nasal passages often caused due to common colds or flu tendency. Ephedrine and Pseudo-Ephedrine are plant alkaloids creating the medicinal values of Ephedra Fat Burners and are considered the two basic ingredients of Ephedra. By interacting neurotransmitter receptors alkaloids stimulate the central nervous system and dialate bronchial tubes, enhance blood pressure and raise the heart rates. These activities produce maximum thermogenesis that increase metabolism and stimulates weight loss too. To perk up the effect Caffeine, Guarana and other ingredients are often compounded with Ephedra in Diet Supplements.

Ephedra Side Effects
Traditional contraindications for ephedra include general weakness, high blood pressure, nervousness, sleeping difficulties, cardiac arrythmias, poor digestion and heart disease. Ephedra's side effects may be even more pronounced in people with anxiety and restlessness, high blood pressure, glaucoma, impaired circulation, prostate adenoma, pheochromocytoma, and thyrotoxicosis. Additionally, excessive levels of Ephedra produce even more problems. It may also contract the uterus, which means it should not be used during pregnancy.

Additional Recommendations
With any products containing ephedra or ephedrine alkaloids, it's advised that you start with less than the recommended dosage. Take it with a meal to test your tolerance of this product before increasing to the recommended dosage. Do not take more than one product at a time containing any central nervous system stimulants.

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