Why YOU Should Use Mini-Bands

Why YOU Should Use Mini-Bands

As a speed and performance coach, a large part of my work involves mini-bands.

Mini-bands are small resistance bands that go around your legs, typically around the ankle or above the knee. These are critical in not only developing strength and power in the lower body.

They also work to activate the gluteal muscles, aka the buttocks, to absorb some of the impact that the knee, namely the ACL, will encounter during normal soccer activity.

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You will see people, generally girls on Instagram using these, and they use them. 99% of the time, they are doing them wrong. Plus, they are using expensive contraptions YOU DON’T NEED!

A pair of “Perform Better” minibands are dirt cheap and come in many levels of resistance! See the videos below for examples on how to properly use mini-bands:

Some tips:

  • NEVER let your feet come closer than shoulder width apart
  • Toes pointed straight 
  • Slow and controlled
  • Always use opposite arm and opposite leg as you drive

These movements stimulate the neurological system to engage the glutes into activities. By doing these movements routinely, it will become second nature for your athlete to utilize these muscles during play.

Weak or underutilized glutes can result in poor alignment of the hips, knees, and ankles forcing the knees to absorb the impact. This can cause damage to the ACL over the long-term and also increase the chances of an impact injury, such as an ACL-tear from a pivot or a tackle.

For non-competitive athletes, or those looking to simply look and feel better, bands will prevent and alleviate back pain. They also teach you to engage your glutes and hips into your weight-training and everyday activities to prevent injuries and also to build a tight, firm, and delicious buttocks!

If you ever witness my coaching sessions with elite athletes, you will hear me say repeatedly, “Drop your butt, chest out, eyes straight ahead, work your arms!” This mimics the position used in play, so again, nature takes over and proper form greatly reduces the risk of injury.

By doing sport-specific movements CORRECTLY, repeatedly, our muscles are ready to fire properly in the heat of battle. In the non-competitive athlete, this helps to instill proper form for everyday activities and exercise.

Most injuries are caused by stepping off of curbs and just missteps in everyday activities. By training for absorbing shock in everyday life, you prevent injury and also help to ensure a lifetime of feeling great and performing even greater!

We don’t just want you to look awesome, we want you to feel awesome not just not, but for the rest of your life. By adding these in as a warm-up or even an exercise, you will feel even better every single day and alleviate or treat existing pain and tightness!

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