Should You Train Abs? By Kris Gethin

Should You Train Abs? By Kris Gethin

Some say lifting gives you enough core engagement so there's no need to do specific training for your abs. I'm going to disagree with that statement.

just like every other muscle you should work your abs to the full.

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Your abdominals form part of your core which is intrinsic to lifting big heavy weight, coping with the stress of the gym and staying injury free. There's more to this game than looking pretty, you can't be all show and no go.

This lifestyle is about physically equipping you to deal with the elements of the world, and to truly do that you must have a strong core.

Yes, Train Your Abs

How do you do this?

Before you address your exercise choices and training routines you need to understand this one vital fundamental to abdominal training. Engage your abdominal wall and pelvic floor before you even start your set. This will ensure that you?re engaging your core muscles which stabilise your posture making you stronger and more robust.

For sure, as a byproduct of building a strong core from the inside out you?re going to make your abs pop much better as well.

Here?s a 3 step process to working your core properly to have you performing and looking like an athlete.

How to Train Your Core Properly

Step #1 - Be Dynamic

Dynamic exercises are great for the core because they focus on improving your athleticism, making you strong, powerful and stable in motion. it's all well and good being strong in static positions but when you're out hiking or on the bike traveling down hill sides you need to be strong dynamically.

Some of my favorite dynamic core exercises are:
  • Hanging leg raises
  • Lying leg raises
  • Ab roller
These exercises all engage your core through a wide range of motion.

Step #2 - Be Thorough

Just like every other muscle in the body you've got separate parts to your abdominal wall so you've got to be thorough with your core training. Abs are often palmed off like calves as a secondary thought in the gym, with most cats reverting to a few simple crunches at the end of a workout to tick that box.

With the exercises I suggested above you?re crushing your core from every angle possible. don't just get into the habit of doing the standard crunches which aren?t going to do enough on their own.

Step #3 - Be Strong

it's all too common to see guys forgetting to build a strong, powerful core. Remember like I already told you that core of yours is where you stabilise everything, so the stronger that becomes the better you'll perform in the gym.

Along with your dynamic exercises do plenty of weighted exercises which push against your core to strengthen your abdominal wall. If you?re looking for an example exercise try doing weighted kneeling cable crunches and see how far you can go. This isn't the time to let your ego get the better of you though, keep things very strict here .

Now there's no excuses, you should be training that core like every other muscle group. Pulverise it and make it become a stronger force within. As you do this you will naturally see the outer portion of your abs develop, leaving you with a more aesthetic 6 pack.

But remember, to really show your abs off you still have to get your body fat down to a low enough percentage. To help you do that, try my fat burner Clean Burn. There's not another fat burner in the world which can rival this, but see for yourself.
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