The Only Leg Day Workout You'll Ever Need

The Only Leg Day Workout You'll Ever Need

Leg day workouts. Brutal beat downs that leave you sore, sore, and sore. Titanic thrashings that make you curse the porcelain throne, and every flight of stairs that come your way.

We love them. We hate them. We can't stop fearing them. We can't stop talking about them.

If you need a "go to" leg day workout then this is it. While there are a million (billion, kazillion?) ways to train your legs, this program is complete. It will hammer your quads and hamstrings into submission, and have you joyously wincing the next day as you struggle to walk, but know that big gains are coming.

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Bookmark this page. When you need a break from your current routine, and yearn to destroy your leggies in a new but effective way, this wondrous wheel session has your name written all over it.

Leg Day Workout

Here are the key components of the program:
  • Big Hitter
  • Volume Beat Down
  • Brutal Block Training
  • Burnout

Big Hitter

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Here, we start with compound movements for quads and hamstrings. The major muscle groups of the legs will be hit hard and heavy while you are fresh. Load the plates, lock down your form, and head to gainsville.

Squats lead off the festivities. Perform four sets with as much weight as possible, keeping good form. Follow your squats with stiff leg deadlifts.

Remember to use lifting straps or Versa Gripps if you need them. We are trying to work your legs here, not your grip. You don't want your grip to slip while you are placing a heavy load upon your lower back.

Volume Beat Down

Now that you're already feeling a little wobbly in the knees, it's time for some volume work in the form of 15 rep sets.

Crush out hack squats followed by leg curls. Use warm-up sets if needed. Leg curls can be the seated, standing, or lying variation.

Brutal Block Training

Consider this a three minute journey into the depths of hades. Grad your stop watch, or a timer app on your phone if you live in the modern era, and begin the fun.

Alternate between five reps of goblet squats and 10 reps of reverse lunges. For the reverse lunges, reps are total. You will be performing five reps for each leg. You're not done here until the three minute mark. Keep pushing yourself, resting as little as possible.


Two more exercises to round out this very intense leg workout. You will start with two sets of wall sits for max time, and finish with a 100 rep set of high box step ups. Make sure the box is at least 12 inches high.
Build Big Legs
Leg Day Workout
Exercise Sets Reps
 Squats  4  6
 Dumbbell Stiff Leg Deadlifts  3  10
 Hack Squats  4  15
 Leg Curls  4  15
 Goblet Squats + Reverse Lunges  1  3 minutes
 Wall Sit  2  Max Time
 High Box Step Ups (Reps are per leg)  1  100
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Brett Force - January 11, 2019

I did this today and loved it. Can i do this routine twice a week with say 2.5 days rest in between? Also, i do an hour of low intensity elliptical (122-130 bpm heart rate) the day after legs as active rest. Will this help or hinder recovery for the next round?

richard newfield - January 11, 2019

Hellofa workout.

Bryan Konyar - January 11, 2019

Thank you Steve for responding last week when i asked if you could show me a leg routine! Can’t wait to try it!

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