The Ultimate 45 Minute Leg Workout for Mass

The Ultimate 45 Minute Leg Workout for Mass

Often neglected and frequently skipped, the legs are quite possibly the most important muscle group. Leg workouts can be tiring, long, and intensive. 

Mass can be added to the quads and hamstrings far easier than other areas of the body. However, doing set after set of squats can be time consuming and taxing as form deteriorates

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Follow this workout precisely and be on your way to building lower body strength while simultaneously developing core strength. Don't be texting your buddy or staring at the girl in yoga pants. Controlled, intense focus is the key here.

The Ultimate Leg Workout for Mass

Back Squats  - 4 sets of 10, 8, 6, 4

Note: 60 seconds between sets.

Referred to as the king of all total body compound movements, the back squat has been a staple in the routines of bodybuilders, powerlifters, and Olympic weightlifters for over a century. Not only does the back squat improve core activation, it develops several secondary muscles throughout the entire body.

Perform the rep scheme mentioned pyramiding the weight up while simultaneously lowering the rep count. Rest only a minute between sets for maximum muscle hypertrophy and ultimate strength.

Romanian Deadlifts - 3 sets of 5, 5, 5

Note: 60 seconds between sets.

The reason deadlifts are such a valuable part of any training regime is due to the wide range of muscles activated throughout the movement. The back, glutes, legs, and arms are used to perform this exercise making it one of the single best compound movements ever invented.

The straight leg variety will activate the hamstrings as you are elongate the muscle throughout each repetition. Doing sets of 5 reps will build strength and simultaneously add mass to all areas of the body.

Barbell Lunges - 4 sets of 10

Note: 45 seconds between sets

Lunges have become one of the most underutilized leg exercises used today. By performing this movement with a barbell on the back you are utilizing core strength building thick, muscular legs.

Some additional byproducts of this movement include increased flexibility (the hip flexors are lengthened) along with a strengthened core. Use a moderate weight with slightly higher reps to assist in shaping those glutes and quads.

Superset: Leg Extensions and Hamstring Curls  - 4 sets of 15 reps each

Leg ExtensionsNote: No rest

Machines can be useful forms of assistance exercises to help finish any workout. The leg extension and hamstring curl combination will burn out both the quads and hamstrings, creating a killer burnout effect.

You will be holding back tears of joy as you feel the ultimate pump while completing this movement. No rest between sets just continually alternate between the two machines until completion.

Standing Calf Raises - 4 sets of 20

Note: 30 seconds between sets

Last but certainly not least you will be performing high repetition sets of calf raises with brief 30 second breaks between sets. Calves are a much smaller muscle group and as a result they will need additional repetitions for maximal muscle activation.

Focus on full length muscle activation throughout each and every repetition. Brief rests of 30 seconds between sets will assist in stimulating muscle growth to the fullest extent.

Hit the Gym and Grow Your Legs

Effective workouts do not have to be long in duration, but must be high in intensity. Not only will you build muscle and gain strength, but due to the fast pace and limited rest there will also be cardiovascular benefits incorporated into the program as well.

The key element in any workout is not weight or duration. The main factor in determining the effectiveness of any workout is intensity. The best program in the world coupled with the perfect diet will not provide results unless the appropriate level of focus and intensity are applied to each and every rep.

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