Leg Workouts for Mass | The 5/10/15 Method

Leg Workouts for Mass | The 5/10/15 Method

"Everybody wanna be a bodybuilder, but ain't nobody wanna lift no heavy ass weights." - Ronnie Coleman, 8x Mr. Olympia

I was on my way to the gym to train with a Youtube subscriber, Carlos. He was making a two-hour drive to lift. I am always open to training with subscribers so I was looking forward to killing an epic workout.

Currently, I am 10 weeks out from my first Pro Show and trying to take my training to the next level. I want to bring legs to the stage that are full, shredded and have that sexy mass that drives the ladies, or at least the freaky chicks who like veins, to the point of breathlessness and lust.

I want legs so big and lean that they make normal people say "EWWWWW."

So on the way to my local LA Fitness, my own personal Metroflex, I decided to get diabolical. My creation... one of the most disgusting leg workout I have ever done before. A workout with over 30 sets, over 300 reps, and a workout that would leave most mere mortals scavenging for somewhere to lose their breakfast.

The 5/10/15 Method Was Born

It is a simple thought. High volume, high reps, heavy weight and a lot of heart needed to complete this grueling test of your manhood. This is a leg workout for men, real men, alpha men, men with large testicles. If you want leg workouts for mass, consider this everything you need.

The 5/10/15 Principles

Simple. Take a good warm-up to engage your legs, your core, and to prep you for the bread and butter of this - and most other hardcore leg workouts for mass - the squat. For this, we choose the goblet squat.

The goblet squat is an amazing movement that engages your entire core and is probably the best exercise for overall structural and lower back health. Here is how you do a goblet squat:

Marc Lobliner discusses the best exercise you can do for everything: goblet squats.
This exercise has improved my quality of life dramatically! For this movement, I consider it a warmup. Adjust weight accordingly. Reps can vary, but this is the rep range and weight I used for my 5 total sets of goblet squats:
  • 40lb dumbbell x 15 reps
  • 60 x 12 reps
  • 80 x 10 reps
  • 100 x 8 reps
  • 125 x 6 reps
Complete these and this should have you ready for the next movement. Also, notice we are pyramiding through high weight/lower reps and lower weight/higher reps thus igniting growth from all ranges!

Squat is the Leg Workout King

Marc LoblinerYou knew I would make you squat, didn't you? don't be a p#ssy. Get under the bar and squat!

For the purpose of this routine, we will go lighter weight and then slam some heavy a$$ weight! I want you to do 10 total sets and pyramid from 10 reps to 2 reps, SICKNESS! I will list what I did, and of course, alter to what you can do.
  • 135 x 10
  • 135 x 10
  • 185 x 8
  • 185 x 8
  • 225 x 6
  • 225 x 6
  • 275 x 4
  • 275 x 4
  • 315 x 2
  • 315 x 2
Hard, heavy and by now you should be limping. GOOD. Time to train some legs.


That's right, now you owe me 15 sets of leg press. Since you're a machine, you won't fall on your face (or butt) and you can go to failure and beyond. This HURTS!

I like performing a complete pyramid. You build up in plates then go back down, all sets to failure with rep ranges between 6-20 reps. Change the weights listed below as needed.
  • 2 plates (per side)
  • 3 plates
  • 4 plates
  • 5 plates
  • 6 plates
  • 7 plates
  • 6 plates
  • 5 plates
  • 4 plates
  • 3 plates for 6 sets
This will test your manhood! Get through this and you will be SPENT!

Optional Leg Workouts Mayhem for Crazy People

The workout is over, right? MAYBE!

For those of you freaks who want an isolation movement, there is an optional 4 sets of 10-20 rep leg extensions. Hit these slow and controlled for the burn!

Prepping for Your Leg Day Workouts

These leg days are hard. Very hard. You need to step into the gym with reckless abandon, ready to crush it.

To get your mind right, I recommend a good pre-workout that isn't too heavy or overloaded with stimulants. One that will have your body ready with ample muscle building and fat loss promoting ingredients, as well as mental focus agents to get you in the zone.

]MTS Nutrition CLASH® is the best choice for this. Have a meal about 90 minutes before this workout BUT if you train first thing in the morning, hit a scoop of MTS Nutrition Machine ISO for substrate to power through this hellish workout.

During training, you will need to really get nutrients in to keep you going as well as to ignite the recovery process as you break the muscles down. For this, a good BCAA-based formula is proven to do just that. I recommend MTS Nutrition Machine Fuel.

Post-workout, you want to get back in the zone right away. This requires a carb source that will replenish your depleted legs without spiking insulin and leading to fat gain.

You also need protein to prevent muscle loss and to facilitate recovery. Mixing MTS Nutrition Machine ISO is the way to do this! So here is the supplement prescription for around training:
  • Pre-workout: MTS Nutrition CLASH: 1-2 scoops depending on tolerance mixed with 1 scoop of Vasky.
  • Intra-workout: MTS Nutrition Machine Fuel: 1-2 scoops.
  • Post-workout: 1 scoop of MTS Nutrition Machine ISO and  Chocolate Machine ISO and Cookies  is DELICIOUS!

Nailing Down Your Diet

Diet owns all. Here are options for cutting and bulking to make the most of your hard training!

The Aftermath

By now you will be soaked in sweat and ready to puke. But this is what it takes to build big, veiny and grainy legs.

Because having massive, striated wheels and using the most incredible leg workouts for mass - that's not a game!
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tdr124 . - January 11, 2019

I just did this routine. I think I will run with for a month or so and gauge the results! My legs are getting better, but I want some giant wheels! I lift in the morning so the night before I ate a little extra white rice with my chicken! Then I had about a 1/3 a cup of oatmeal and coffee for breakfast! It paid off. The last sets of this routine were hard to get through, even with only my two plates per side! Marc is also right again, heavy goblet squats are great.

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