30-Day Get Moving Challenge: Home Workout Edition

30-Day Get Moving Challenge: Home Workout Edition

There are times we lose our momentum in life. Netflix binge-watching becomes a way of life, and months pass by before we realize we've lost the edge.

What edge am I talking about? The drive to move your body and take care of yourself.

Perhaps you let your gym membership expire, or work stress has left you feeling unmotivated and anxious. You wake up one day to realize that you feel sluggish, your eating habits suck, and the number on the scale is moving up.

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The prospect of heading to the gym might seem a bit intimidating. Perhaps you'd prefer to build a little confidence first. Or maybe it's just easier to perform a workout at home.

Less travel time. No strangers ogling you. No need to find the right gym clothes. And heck, you don't even need to shower. You can just workout and plop your sweaty self right back on the couch.

Eww. I know, right?

The following 30-day challenge requires very little equipment:

  • Your body (Cost: $0.00)
  • A door TRX unit (Many units run $40 and slightly under)
  • Door resistance band set (Again, these units are typically $30)

There you have it. A basic gym for $70 and under. It's enough to get you started. So let's get moving!

The 30-Day Challenge

We will start slow but build in intensity. Workout time will not be excessive at all. You should be able to knock out each workout prior to work or right before dinner.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Push-Ups x 10 TRX Rows x 10 Push-Backs x 10 Band 2-Arm Rows 1x10 REST DAY
Band Overhead Press 1x10 Band Biceps Curls 1x10 Band Chest Press 1x10 TRX Biceps Curls x 10  
TRX Chest Press x 10 Lunges x 10 Band Side Laterals 1x10 Bodyweight Squats x 10  
Band Triceps Extensions 1x10 Planks x 30 sec TRX Triceps Extensions x 10 Planks x 30 sec  
Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10
Push-Ups x 20 TRX Rows x 20 Push-Backs x 20 Band 2-Arm Rows 2x10 REST DAY
Band Overhead Press 2x10 Band Biceps Curls 2x10 Band Chest Press 2x10 TRX Biceps Curls x 20  
TRX Chest Press x 20 Lunges x 20 Band Side Laterals 2x10 Bodyweight Squats x 20  
Band Triceps Extensions 2x10 Planks x 45 sec TRX Triceps Extensions x 20 Planks x 45 sec  
Day 11 Day 12 Day 13 Day 14 Day 15
Push-Ups x 30 TRX Rows x 30 Push-Backs x 30 Band 2-Arm Rows 3x10 REST DAY
Band Overhead Press 3x10 Band Biceps Curls 3x10 Band Chest Press 3x10 TRX Biceps Curls x 30  
TRX Chest Press x 30 Lunges x 30 Band Side Laterals 3x10 Bodyweight Squats x 30  
Band Triceps Extensions 3x10 Planks x 60 sec TRX Triceps Extensions x 30 Planks x 60 sec  
Day 16 Day 17 Day 18 Day 19 Day 20
Push-Ups x 40 TRX Rows x 40 Push-Backs x 40 Band 2-Arm Rows 4x10 REST DAY
Band Overhead Press 4x10 Band Biceps Curls 4x10 Band Chest Press 4x10 TRX Biceps Curls x 40  
TRX Chest Press x 40 Lunges x 40 Band Side Laterals 4x10 Bodyweight Squats x 40  
Band Triceps Extensions 4x10 Planks x 75 sec TRX Triceps Extensions x 40 Planks x 75 sec  
Day 21 Day 22 Day 23 Day 24 Day 25
Push-Ups x 50 TRX Rows x 50 Push-Backs x 50 Band 2-Arm Rows 4x15 REST DAY
Band Overhead Press 4x15 Band Biceps Curls 4x15 Band Chest Press 4x15 TRX Biceps Curls x 50  
TRX Chest Press x 50 Lunges x 50 Band Side Laterals 4x15 Bodyweight Squats x 50  
Band Triceps Extensions 4x15 Planks x 90 sec TRX Triceps Extensions x 50 Planks x 90 sec  
Day 26 Day 27 Day 28 Day 29 Day 30
Push-Ups x 60 TRX Rows x 60 Push-Backs x 60 Band 2-Arm Rows 4x20 REST DAY
Band Overhead Press 4x20 Band Biceps Curls 4x20 Band Chest Press 4x20 TRX Biceps Curls x 60  
TRX Chest Press x 60 Lunges x 60 Band Side Laterals 4x20 Bodyweight Squats x 60  
Band Triceps Extensions 4x20 Planks x 105 sec TRX Triceps Extensions x 60 Planks x 105 sec  


Push-Ups - The goal is to reach your daily total. Doesn't matter how. Just rest as needed until you reach your goal. If you are unable to perform conventional push-ups, do them from your knees.

Push-Backs - Push-backs are a push-up variation that stress the shoulders a little bit more. Watch the video below to learn more.

Band Overhead Press - At first you will add sets, then as you progress through the challenge you will add reps. (Use the same protocol for other band exercises)

TRX Chest Press - Perform the stated number of reps resting as needed. (Use the same protocol for other TRX exercises)

Planks - You'll be adding 15 seconds over the course of each five-day cycle. 

Final Thoughts

That's it. No magic. No wizardry. Just 30 days of exercises to get you moving. If you successfully complete this challenge it's time to step up your game and try something more difficult.

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