9 Reasons Not to Skip Leg Day Workouts

9 Reasons Not to Skip Leg Day Workouts

It happens but once per week. Twice a week for those rare individuals that dare. The day that most dread but a select few embrace. That's right I'm talking about leg day.

The REAL leg day, which is complete with squats and/or deadlifts. This is not the kiddie leg day where you only do a few sets of leg extensions and call it a day.

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For whatever reason, many people suffer from a disease called ?b*tchitis.? The symptoms include skipping leg day altogether. However, there are many reasons why everyone should incorporate a leg day or two into their split. The benefits of leg day go far beyond the visually appealing look of the quad sweep.

9 Reasons Not to Skip Leg Day Workouts

#1 - Asymmetry sucks

Skinny LegsWe've all seen those internet memes over the years; the ones with guys that have huge upper bodies and legs of a bird. This is not a far exaggeration, as the vast majority of guys that work out skip leg day altogether.

It creates an extremely unaesthetic look with lots of upper body definition and legs that look like they can barely hold the upper body upright without falling over. If you want to build a complete and balanced physique you must work your legs in entirety including your quads, hamstrings, and yes even your calves.

#2 - Core strength

By creating a balanced physique and doing compound movements such as squats and deadlifts, you are performing some of the most core-intense strengthening movements available.

A strong core not only looks good with full-on abs and obliques, but a strong core is also crucial for overall fitness and mobility. Squats are arguably the best overall compound movement available for the body, as you are recruiting muscles from the entire body as a whole.

#3 - Reduced risk of injury

Leg day will help prevent injuries from occurring. Your increased core strength makes it far less likely that you suffer from injuries such as lower back injuries, pulled hamstrings, and torn hip flexors.

By strengthening the body as a whole and preventing imbalances, you are less likely to get injured from having overdeveloped muscles in one area of the body and underdeveloped muscles in another area of the body.

#4 - Women hate it (or men)

let's face it. When a woman sees a man with a big chest and arms and scrawny legs they are likely to become turned off. Skinny legs are not an attractive feature.

Likewise, if a man sees a woman that is in shape but has no ass he won't take as kindly to her either. If all else fails, do it for the ladies guys!
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#5 - Increased mobility

By performing leg developing movements such as squats you are thereby increasing the mobility and range of motion for your entire body. You are less likely to pull muscles while performing other exercises as well.

Squats recruit muscle fibers from all over the body. That's part of the reason it makes squats so effective and so crucial to incorporate into any given workout program.

#6 - Overall strength increase

As your leg strength improves it is also likely that the overall strength in the rest of your body will improve as well.

Even bench press and overhead press incorporates leg strength as part of the movements, though obviously not as directly. The leg drive in bench press is a big part of the bench press movement. Core strength and stability from the legs is vital for correctly performing an overhead press as well.

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If you want to increase the overall strength of your body it becomes absolutely necessary to work your legs frequently.

#7 - Increased speed and agility

Woman RunnerAthletes at the professional level in most all sports - including football, basketball, and baseball - perform squats. Why? Because there is a direct correlation between leg strength and foot speed.

As a byproduct, as your legs become stronger and you are able to recruit faster twitch muscle fibers, your running and sprinting speed also increases. Look at the legs of any Olympian sprinter and you can clearly see that they have tremendous leg strength. This allows them to generate high rates of speed for short distances. This also translates to success in professional and collegiate sports.

If you want to improve your overall athleticism and speed, performing leg workouts is a great place to start.

#8 - Leg workouts burn more calories

Workouts involving legs, including squats and deadlifts, burn far more calories than doing other workouts such as arm workouts. You are relying so heavily on other muscles throughout your entire body.

As a byproduct, you can also consume more calories after your leg day is complete as your body generally needs more calories to recover from such an intense workout. Do more leg days and eat more food. Simple as that.

#9 - People won't think you?re a little b*tch

We all have that friend (or friends) who we ask to train legs and they always say they're afraid of injuring their back, or that they can't do squats. To these people I say quit being a little b*tch.

Focus on increasing your mobility and improving your form. Over time you will improve at leg workouts.

So quite frankly if you are one of those people that doesn't train legs you are a little b*tch (and you can tell your friend I said that).

No More Bird Legs, Bro

People give excuses all the time for why they can't perform a certain exercise. They also give reasons why they are skipping leg day.

The truth of the matter is that your legs make up nearly half of your body as a whole. So if you skip leg day you're really only working out half of your body.

Do yourself a favor - for your body and your health - and make sure to never skip leg day. Most importantly tell your friends, Friends don't let friends skip leg day.

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