Poll: Look Like a Natural or Mr. Olympia?

Poll: Look Like a Natural or Mr. Olympia?

Who would you rather look like? A natural with muscle, or like a big and beefy Mr. Olympia competitor? Let us know!
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Ian Haley - October 25, 2017

I think you said it best in the video, many “Mr. Olympia” bodies are almost cartoon like. I don’t think its a matter of not appreciating the size, mass, conditioning and overall fitness level of Olympia athletes as these are simply some of the most astonishing achievements and limits a body can be pushed too. Rather I think for everyday life, being of that size is not realistic nor comfortable. We obviously have seen some recent tragedies due to maintaining these types of bodies for everyday lifestyle and just how overtime it becomes too much for the body to handle. If I had to choose, I would rather look like the natural body builder and maintain that for everyday life. Not to mention the naturals still look unbelievable and maintain incredible fitness.

Jessie Unfairchild - October 25, 2017

Mark can I get a witness to the debacle going on down their in kernel chase and blvd 187 revival where is the westers and teeters and the TIms stand there talk shit all night no fights no tights just fellowship and not likes and posts and tweets not seeing your nephews via the web talk see in human life public people don’t look into each others eyes anymore and just talk about anything they are heads down in an app or social media debate over how to make sweaters and recipes we are still young unplug from tech everyday I use it only to journal like the Walton boy documenting the change in humanity and value of thy neighbors meeting people not tweeting working out for me is non beneficial unless I get a miracle like kate on Joh and kate plus 8 from a surgeon to correct misdiagnosed and over cutting surgeries.

Jessie Unfairchild - October 25, 2017

I choose a natural man that takes care of himself not into the big beefy look no offense mark it does look good on you. Marshall Johnson buford T justice and the general lee a witty wonder slice with a reserve and pillow talk talks and takes 98 percent and I can take 2 percent down and my ass in a lawn chair somewhere in the sand saying ba babab ba ba…. Real Inside feel is all needed no matter their look preference

Abby - October 25, 2017

I commented “natty” on the YT vid, but really, I don’t like the look of either. I am not visually attracted to a ton of vascularity.

Damond Williams - October 25, 2017

I do not think that I would want to be as big as the Olympia builder more of a Natural one. Over time it takes a toll on the joints and you tend to have to do a lot of things when it comes to dealing with circulation and the issues that associated with it. In my opinion blood pumping through 300 pounds is the same in the long run no matter if it is muscle or fat and the system has to be working overtime in order for the person to function. To maintain that level of muscle is taxing and a lot of work as well which is why i stopped a long time ago and lightened the pounds. Back feels better. Joints feel better. Overall health is just better. The more natural look is what seems to be greater in health and in the long run. AS a young male it was bigger is better but as I grow with age it seems that mobility and natural everything tends to win out in overall respect and health. so Yeah Natural over Roid look any https://uploads.disquscdn.c… day.

Jose Mendoza - October 25, 2017

Classic physic

Marc Lobliner - October 25, 2017

That is a GREAT look!

Marc Lobliner - October 25, 2017


Marc Lobliner - October 25, 2017

Bro, you kill it!

Kinkoshinkai - October 25, 2017

I appreciate the inspiration of the IFBB pros, but at my age…? Not a realistic or desirable thing.
Still, for 58, I do okay and enjoy my IFBB friends, too. https://uploads.disquscdn.c…

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