Poll: Look Like a Natural or Mr. Olympia?

Poll: Look Like a Natural or Mr. Olympia?

Who would you rather look like? A natural with muscle, or like a big and beefy Mr. Olympia competitor? Let us know!
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Paul Kline - October 25, 2017

I’d rather look like a natural bodybuilder simply due to the fact that they are more healthy. I feel like its simply not healthy to be 5’8" and weigh 250lbs. I’d rather have be 160 lbs and be healthy and fit than be a bowling ball of muscle that people view as a freak of nature.

Derek Havens - October 25, 2017

Top natural, unless I could look like Arnold in his prime winning Olympias.

aliya tudor - October 25, 2017

My favorite is Kai ❤️ He’s humble and not an arrogant A-hole like some..

DCGuru - October 25, 2017

My goal physique would probably be Frank Zane or Larry Scott. I don’t want to look like a Mr.Olympia unless I’m gonna be paid like a Mr.Olympia lol. My grocery bill is already ridiculous smh.

Roasty Toasty - October 25, 2017

It would be my dream to look like a Mr O, Jay the underdog. Although I had to chose Arnold or Jay, you already know im with Arnold.

Jon Mastrangelo - October 25, 2017

I chose other since I much rather look like a “Calum Von Moger” or “Chris Bumstead”. Those classic physique guys are unreal imo, but if I had to chose between natural and Mr. Olympia, I’d have to go with the natty guys.

Chris Wheeler - October 25, 2017

The natural, but mainly because I need the balanced functionality in real life.

Swole Tiger Studios - October 25, 2017

I wanna look like me oympia

Christina Jane - October 25, 2017

I voted to be like an Olympian because It is better to live one day as a lion than a hundred years as a sheep.

Gregory Fine - October 25, 2017

Gotta go with Olympia here less the health problems of being that mass. Why not wanna be a fuckin monster if all else equal?

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