Steven Conigliaro Drops 163 Pounds! Half of His Body Weight

Steven Conigliaro Drops 163 Pounds! Half of His Body Weight

  • Name: Steven Conigliaro
  • Age: 27
  • Starting Weight: 330
  • Ending Weight: 167
  • Transformation Starting Date: 12/15/12
  • Transformation Ending Date: 7/19/19
  • Instagram: @stevieswolls

Before Steven's Transformation

I was obese for most of my life; since middle school. At the time I was dating my current wife and looking for jobs. This was after high school since I didn’t go to college.

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Basically, I felt comfortable being obese because I felt I had nothing to live for. I would eat bad all the time. I just didn’t care about my life.

The Moment Steven's Life Changed

The moment I knew I had to change was when I was 21 years old. A miracle happened. My daughter was born and she made me wake up and realize that I need to change my health and life around or I would eventually drop dead from obesity or some other obesity-related disease.

I didn’t want to have her grow up without a father.

Steven's Diet and Workout Approach

At first, I was following a high fat/protein diet with low carbs and I was doing 45 minutes of cardio 3-4 days a week. Before finding my way to a gym I started the T25 program at home. I used this until I lost some weight and got comfortable enough with the idea of attempting cardio at the gym.

Steven's Struggles

What I faced was seeing the weight drop one week and then the next week go back up a little. I got a little frustrated when my weight would stay the same for several weeks straight.

Most Important Thing You Learned?

Your diet and what you put in your body is everything. It doesn’t matter about the hours spent at a gym. If your diet is not on point then you won’t change the way you want to.

Biggest Mistake?

My biggest mistake was doing one meal a day while also doing low carbs and high fat/protein after I lost my weight. I gained muscle but I also gained too much fat on top. I was eating too many calories.

I felt for my body type that I should not be afraid of carbs. It really just depends on the type of carbs you consume. I didn't need to be on low carbs to cut weight at all.

A Typical Day of Eating

Right now on a cut, I am eating three meals a day. I fast 16 hours a day and then eat my three meals for 8-9 hours spread apart about 1650-1800 calories depending on how my body feels or needs that day.

I just cut from 190lbs to 167lbs since march 2019.

    Words of Encouragement

    It is not an overnight thing. It takes years to perfect a diet and learn how your body will respond. Things can change.

    So it can change. It definitely took me a while to learn how my body reacts, and to stay patient.

    Don’t weigh yourself every day. Either try a specific diet for one week and see how you feel and look the week after. If you're not happy then tweak your diet a bit besides staying on top of your workouts. 

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    Alexis Moeller - August 7, 2019

    This is such an amazing story! I am so glad we are friends on social media cause you are still an inspiration to so many people. Including me!!!!


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