Transformation: Marc "The Machine" Lobliner Goes From Balloon to Boom!

Transformation: Marc "The Machine" Lobliner Goes From Balloon to Boom!

Transformation Stats
 98% LOL
5% body fat
Age: 17
Age: 35

What Was Your Life Like Before Your Transformation?

I was a high school football player all about SIZE! I was known for my size, and my weight became a joke. We would even refer to ourselves as "Hoggies" on the offensive and defensive line (as a football player).

I also wouldn't say that I was adored or lusted after by the opposite sex, although I met my wife during this time period in high school. I was focused on one thing - a college scholarship for football. But I didn't like being fat and I pretended to be okay with my body but was extremely self-conscious about it.

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I injured my knee in the playoffs my senior year of high school. Because of this, I went to a Division 3 school and attempted a comeback. While training, I injured my knee again.

The fat lady (or The Machine) had sung. When I stopped playing football, I had no reason for the extra weight.

How did your eating habits change?

I used to force-feed to be that big! I changed from eating 5x5's from In-N-Out Burger daily to eating chicken and rice and other "clean" healthy choices. I dropped the weight fast and got involved in competitive powerlifting.

How did your workout habits change?

I added in more cardio and training with a powerbuilding routine which was coincidentally VERY similar to the Muscle & Strength program designed by HPN CEO Sean Torbati and me found here.

Any major milestones or accomplishments?

I am now a pro bodybuilder, I own MTS Nutrition and am CMO of But before this, I did modeling and appeared in magazines such as Muscle & Fitness and I hoisted some heavy weights in the APF Powerlifting Organization.

3 Biggest Things You Learned During Your Transformation?
  1. Results take TIME - this is a marathon and not a sprint.
  2. Training is 100% and Diet is also 100%. They both rely on each other's help to be optimal!
  3. Consistency is key. Find a program you love and will stick to!
Any Final Words of Advice

Always set short and long-term goals, meet them and beat them. And if things get stale, CHANGE THEM! And make this a habit'see this video:

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jeff gray - January 11, 2019

need to start reading this book.

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