6 Secrets to Know Before Dating a Sexy Gym Fanatic

6 Secrets to Know Before Dating a Sexy Gym Fanatic

Let's face it... To have a successful relationship you must enjoy some of the same things.  If fitness and health are key components of your daily life, and your significant other doesn't share this same passion, it's likely to cause relationship issues at some point.

This is not to say that if your girlfriend (or boyfriend) doesn't lift that it won't work out. However, before you enter the fitness dating scene there are certain secrets you must know.

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So here they are...

Before Dating a Fitness Freak, Know These 6 Things

Fitness DatingSecret #1 - We aren't giving up our gym time

Health and fitness isn't a hobby. It's a lifestyle. The time spent in the gym is our own.

We set goals, we put in work, and doing so helps us to maintain sanity in an insane world. This is not to say that we will have no time for our partners, but if you plan to get involved with someone passionate about fitness don't ask them to give up their precious gym time.

They will make time for you, but not at the expense of their time spent in the gym. Truly caring about someone means you will respect their passions instead of trying to take them away.

Secret #2 - We count macros

Any gym rat knows that nutrition is just as important as working out. The one hour a day we spend at the gym isn't the end of the story.

Fitness fanatics spend these 23 hours cognizant of what is being put into our bodies and how it will affect us. If we say we can't eat pizza today because it's not our cheat day or it doesn't fit into our macronutrient goals, don't get angry or flustered. Try to find a solution; a restaurant that has meals both parties can enjoy.

Recording and logging food is a daily part of the fitness lifestyle. don't try to shame us because we want to be aware of what is put into our bodies. We set goals and that should be appreciated, not frowned upon.

Secret #3 - We care about how we look

This is not to say that we are vain. Even though some of us are. But we care how we look.

We practice this lifestyle because we want to look and feel a certain way. Looking in the mirror is not just a vain action. We are trying to gauge our progress and determine how close we are to reaching our goals.

Physical self-improvement is a reflection of our desire to improve as a human being. Everyone should have the goal to constantly improve. If you aren't striving to get better, what are you doing?
Fitness Couple
Physical self-improvement is a reflection of our desire to improve as a human being.

Secret #4 - We talk about the gym

Gym talk will be part of our dating process. Maybe we had a PR on squats that day, or perhaps we got excited because a new flavor of protein powder was released.

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The point of the matter is that gym talk is a part of our lives. We enjoy it, we live it, and we breathe it. You don't have to agree with everything we say, but you must be able to respect it (and listen to us talk about it).

Secret #5 - We want you to go to the gym with us

I am not saying you must constantly go to the gym for this relationship to work. BUT... participating in activities together will help build a stronger bond.

You must at least be open to trying things the other person enjoys. If not the relationship will eventually flounder.

As they say, couples that lift together, stay together.

Secret #6 - We don't want to choose between you and the gym

If you ask the other person to spend time with you instead of going to the gym, you may get the answer you expect. Our hobbies and interests should be respected.

Don't worry, we will still find time to spend with you. This couple time will happen outside of our gym time, but not in place of it.

Final Thoughts on Fitness Dating

The bottom line is that your significant other does not have to be a fitness and nutrition nut in order for the relationship to work. That being said, your partner must be accepted for who they are... whether they are a gym rat, a dancer, a musician, or poet.

Don't try to change your partner or take away their fitness goals. They wouldn't do the same thing to you.

So before you get too serious with your partner, send them this article just so they know what they are walking into when dating a gym rat.
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