12 Surprising Health Benefits of Sex

12 Surprising Health Benefits of Sex

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Most of us do not need anyone to advocate sex. After all, it's as natural as breathing, eating or sleeping. All the same, it does not hurt to get to know about some of the surprising health benefits of sex.

If for no other reason, just for that extra motivation on days you are too tired to get cozy with your partner, read on.
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12 Surprising Health Benefits of Sex

#1 - Sex and Blood Pressure Control

High blood pressure is the bane of today's society but an active sex life can help keep it under control. According to Pinzone, MD and CEO of Amai Wellness, "the result of a landmark study suggests that sexual intercourse (not masturbation) lowers systolic blood pressure."

#2 - Sex is Great Exercise

Need to motivate yourself to get regular exercise? Spice up your exercise routine by adding regular sex to it. It can help you burn calories (up to 4 per minute for men and 3 for women), boost your heart rate and tone your muscles.

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Of course, the length of the session may turn this moderate exercise into a strenuous one!

#3 - Sex Promotes Heart Health

Sexy CoupleStudies suggest that men having sex at least twice a week reduce their risk of having heart diseases by as much as 45% as opposed to those who do so just once in a month.

Sexual activity increases your blood flow and heart rate. It also helps to maintain your estrogen and testosterone levels, thereby reducing the risk of heart problems and even osteoporosis. It's not just love that's good for heart; sex does its bit too!

#4 - Sex Relieves Headaches and Other Pains

Using a headache as an excuse for not having sex may be a cliché that needs to be archived. Research shows that having sexual intercourse may involve brain functions that help in reducing headaches.

Apart from that, endorphins released during arousal and orgasm relieves all sorts of pains, including headaches.

#5 - Sex May Lessen the Odds of Prostate Cancer

Though it requires further evidence, research shows that frequent ejaculation (at least 21 times a month) may lower the risk of prostate cancer in men.

#6 - Sex Induces Beauty Sleep

When all else fails to lull you into a sound sleep, try spending some quality time in bed with your partner! Many studies show that sexual activity leads to the release of hormones prolactin and oxytocin that, in turn, induce a relaxed and deep sleep.

#7 - Sex Lessens Stress, Improves Mental Well-Being

A loving relationship is a magic cure for stress and anxiety. Time spent in physical intimacy with your partner after a hectic day, at work or at home, helps trigger chemicals that make you feel better, improve your mood, lower your blood pressure and as such, have a positive overall impact on your mental health.

Sex is also known to lift you out of depression.

#8 - Sex Improves Your Immunity

Frequent sex leads to higher level of immunoglobulin A, thereby strengthening your body's natural defense against disease-producing germs and viruses. According to sexual health expert Yvonne K. Fulbright, PhD, "sexually active people take fewer sick days."
Couple Having Sex
Using a headache as an excuse for not having sex may be a cliché that needs to be archived.

#9 - Sex Boosts Libido

Frequent sexual activity increases elasticity and lubrication of vagina, making the act more pleasurable for women. This, in turn, encourages them to have sex more often.

#10 - Sex Results in Better Bladder Control For Women

Most women face bladder issues like incontinence at some time in their life, especially after pregnancy. Sexual intercourse helps in strengthening pelvic floor muscles that contract as a result of having an orgasm. This process of contraction is a great exercise for pelvic muscles and helps in maintaining bladder control.

#11 - Sex for Healthier, Younger Skin

All you women, take notice - a study undertaken at Royal Edinburg Hospital, Scotland, concluded that women who had sex at least four times a week looked anywhere between seven to twelve years younger than those who did not. This resulted from the release of estrogen and testosterone during sexual activity as these hormones promote a younger, glowing skin and shiny, soft hair.

#12 - Sex Can Lead to Lighter Periods

While most women do not like the idea of having sex during periods, it has its merits.

Uterus contraction during an orgasm assists in ridding the body of chemicals that cause cramps during menstruation. It also helps in improving blood flow and reducing the length of your periods. Another benefit of having sex during your periods is reduction in the risk of developing endometriosis which can cause pain in the pelvic area.

Final Thoughts on Sex and Health

If the benefits listed above have still not inspired you to forget your fatigue and pain and indulge in some fun sex with your partner, its one side-effect should definitely do so: an emotionally and physically satisfying relationship!
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