Sexercise: Does Sex Count as Cardio?

Sexercise: Does Sex Count as Cardio?

We've heard it talked about for years. We see internet memes featuring it on a regular basis. Guys joke about it at the gym with their buddies.

The question is something we are all curious about. Everyone wants to know the answer:

Can regular sexual activity be considered an adequate form of cardio?

During those times you can't make it to the treadmill, or simply don't want to step on the stairmaster, does sex count as cardio?

Bro 1: "You wanna hit some cardio after we kill this arm workout?"
Bro 2: "Nah, I'm just going to go home and have sex with my girlfriend."

When you get that feeling do you want flexual healing?

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Cardiovascular forms of training are not only great for losing weight but also aide in improving overall cardiovascular endurance. There are many benefits that come from performing cardiovascular training that are not present during a standard resistance training session.

While there is no doubt that sexual activity burns calories, the same can be said for many other forms of physical activity as well. You could do jumping jacks until you pass out. You could run in place for hours on end. You could even do the Macarena in spandex. But the question still remains in the minds of many people...

Does sex count as cardio?

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Does Sex Count as Cardio?

In order to truly determine if sex should be considered a cardiovascular activity, we must first define cardiovascular activity.

Cardio is defined as the ability of the heart, blood cells, and lungs to supply blood to the working muscle tissues and the ability of the muscles to use oxygen to produce energy for movement. During cardiovascular activity metabolism is elevated and muscle metabolism is enhanced. Simply put, we are burning more energy than is being put into our bodies.

Many things in life burn calories and can be used in conjunction with weight training to promote overall cardiovascular health. However, should sex be considered a form of cardio? As with any form of cardiovascular exercise several factors must be taken into account. Duration, speed, and intensity are all key variables in determining overall caloric burn.

Duration of Sex

Sexy CoupleIf you're going hard in the paint for hours - or minutes - on end then there is absolutely no doubt the body will be burning an excessive amount of calories. However, if you're a one hit it quitter or a two pump chump then sex cannot be considered as a regular form of cardio. It is no replacement for the stairmaster or treadmill.

If you want to make it count for cardio consider making it a longer session than a few minutes. Chances are both parties will appreciate this as well.

Speed of Sex

While some will be at a slow, steady pace the entire time, others will go full-throttle out of the gates. The speed at which you perform the dirty will play a large role in determining exactly how many calories you will burn.

Obviously, if you are working up a sweat and you feel your heart pounding, then it can safely be assumed more calories are being expended compared to a slow-paced sensual session with some finely timed Bobby Brown playing in the background. The good thing about sex is you can keep it fast or steady state depending upon your own personal preferences.

The choice is yours both are equally effective methods with their own specific advantages.

Intensity of Sex

Are you a slow, methodical lover? Or do you enjoy fast-paced action?

Much like the stairmaster sex can be slow-state, steady-state, or of the high intensity interval training (HIIT) style. Do you mix it up and constantly move from one spot to another on the floor, in the kitchen, on the counter, or in the shower? Or do you prefer to be more stationary throughout the entire session?

There are several factors that contribute as to whether or not sex can be considered as cardio. Cardiovascular training can be performed in a number of ways ranging from jazzercise to the electric slide.

Keep in mind that cardiovascular workouts simply involve elevating the heart rate for a period of time no matter what you are doing. Therefore, yes sex can take on the role of cardiovascular training when you can't make it to the gym or if you would simply prefer an alternative to being on the treadmill for thirty minutes.

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