3 Reasons Why You Need a Body Coach or Trainer

3 Reasons Why You Need a Body Coach or Trainer

I get it...you know what you are doing. You have successfully built some muscle and lost a little fat all by yourself.

Why would you need a coach?

The fact is you are a lousy trainer?at least when it comes to your own body. It doesn't matter how successful you are helping your friends or clients, when it comes to yourself it is an entirely different story.

As Dan John once wrote, ?when you train yourself, you have an idiot for a client.? In my opinion, he put it nicely. If you train yourself, you are setting up to underachieve.

You are not a special snowflake. The fact that you have read a training article or two does not make you immune to the benefits of hiring a coach. In fact, knowledge has nothing to do with it. Actually, some of the most educated trainers I know need coaching the MOST.

There is a reason the majority, if not all, the top athletes in the fitness game seek out coaching at some point for at least for a third eye. it's not all about the x?s and o?s.
Personal Trainer
The fact is you are a lousy trainer?at least when it comes to your own body. It doesn't matter how successful you are helping your friends or clients.

3 Reasons Why You Need a Coach

Here are my top three (could have made it a top ten but then no one would read it) reasons why you NEED a coach.

#1 - You Need Accountability

This is probably the biggest reason why you need a coach. A coach is there to keep you on track and accountable. There is something to be said for having to check in with someone who is monitoring your progress.

If you know at the end of the week you have to send update pictures and weekly weights to a coach you are more likely to stick to the plan 100%. No one wants to let another person down. Or be told they suck!

There is another aspect of accountability as well?

When I think back to the training I used to do as a high school wrestler, there is no way any of us would have trained that hard without a coach. If the coach wasn?t there telling us what to do we would have slacked off big time. Sometimes it's best to delegate the thinking to someone else. Relieve yourself of the responsibility and put that in someone else?s hands.

Plus when you ?hire? a coach you have more skin in the game so to speak. People tend to get better results from something they pay for compared to something they get for free.

When you pay for a coach suddenly you feel like you need to be on your A-game so you don't waste your money. When effort goes up, often times so do results.

#2 - You Need Objectivity (Avoiding ?The Mind F**k?)

[caption id="attachment_13100" align="alignright" width="280"]overweight The objective eye of a coach can help protect you from yourself.[/caption]

Coming up with your own programs is great while everything is going well but what happens when you have a few bad days? Immediately questions start popping in your head.

Am I overtraining/over reaching? Maybe I am training too much? Am I not training hard enough? Did I calculate my percentages too high? Do I need a rest day?

Suddenly you are questioning your entire workout plan.

And that is only training. Dieting for fat loss is the worst! Contest prep? That is another level of mind f**k.

Most of the time the objective eye from a coach is there to protect us from ourselves. it's easy to add more work or reduce calories as soon as you hit a sticking point. But sometimes that's not what you need.

If you were coaching someone else you could take emotion out of it and devise an objective plan of action. Emotion should never get involved in making decisions about your training and nutrition. However, if you are training yourself that just is not possible.

#3 - You Need the Learning Experience

Last but not least a good coach will provide you with a great learning experience and a fresh perspective. No one likes to do what he or she is not good at. Sometimes it takes a coach to program a specific exercise or rep scheme to get you to do something you have never done before.

Or maybe you have always followed a ?clean? bro diet until you hire a coach that allows flexible dieting and find it easier to follow. Chances are any coach you hire will put you on a program that you wouldn't have put yourself on. Everyone comes at this thing with unique perspectives.

There are a lot of great coaches in the industry; the key is picking the right one for you!

How to Pick the Right Coach?

So how do you know who is the right coach for you? It really depends. You have to figure out what qualities you place a high emphasis on.

Some qualities to think about:
  • Philosophy ? there are many ways to skin a cat. Find a coach that you see eye to eye with.
  • Education ? There is a wide range of education in the coaching field from not even having a certification, all the way up to PhDs and everything in between. In my opinion education doesn't necessarily have to be formal. There are very intelligent people without any ?formal? fitness education.
  • Experience ? With coaching, experience is extremely important. Not only do you want a coach who has ?been there and done that? but one who also has worked with clients similar to yourself.
Obviously there are more, but you get the idea.


It doesn't matter where you are in your fitness journey, hiring a coach is a great way to fast track your results.
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